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Lessons In The crucible

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Nachamada Simon

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Lessons In The crucible

Mary Warren
Lying because of fear
Are the girls remorseful for their actions ?
-A good reputation
Lying for self Interest
lying to protect someone else
In conclusion arthur miller is trying to tell us that we should be honest at all times and we should not let fear and pride make us do the wrong things
Is it ever okay to lie ?

Lessons In The crucible
#Have you ever told a lie to save yourself but it
ends up hurting others ?
Honesty at all times
Lying because of self Interest
Lying to protect loved ones
Lying because of fear
*She falsely accused people of committing witch craft to protect themselves from getting punished for their actions
( Miller 42)
-A lot of innocent people died

If you were in their shoes would you continue lying after you have witness the hanging of the first set of people that were accused ?
Elizabeth Proctor
*She lied in court to protect her husband(John) from the shame of being known as an adulterer (Miller 113).
#The Witch trials continue because john was not believed by the court .

#John is accused of being a witch aswell.
If Elizabeth would have told the truth about the affair ,
-would the Witch trials have stopped?
-Would the judges still believe Abigail's accusations ?
She accuses John of being witch because she was afraid that she was going to die because Abigail started accusing her of being a witch (Miller 118)
John proctor ,an innocent man ended up dying for something he did not do .
John Proctor
He is well respected in Salem
He did not want his confession
to be pasted on the chuch door (Miller 143 )
Reverend Parris
Parris goes against his religious beliefs just to protect his name by covering the truth.

He does not want his name to be soiled (miller 10)
what other lessons are we to learn from the crucible ?
Negative Factor
Reverend Parris
Judge Danforth
positive factor
John Proctor
#Is having pride a good thing ?
if you were in reverend parris shoes will you help the girls or do the right thing at the cost of losing your name ?
works cited
miller, arthur.the crucible.new york :penguin books,1982.print.
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