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Alabama Youth in Government

No description

Bo Standorf

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Alabama Youth in Government

Alabama Youth in Government
Alabama Youth Judicial
Youth Judicial is a 3-day weekend program in Downtown Montgomery. Partipants blah blah blah

Alabama Youth Legislature
Alabama Youth Legislature is a 3-day weekend program held in Montgomery, AL. Students have the opportunity to interact in the Alabama Statehouse to debate and vote on bills.
The Mission of the YMCA Youth in Government Program
Enter the Mission here
Any other questions?
Visit http://www.alyig.org
email Sam Adams at: sadams@ymca.org
Cost & Funding
Cost of both Judicial and Leg:
-Early Reg: $275
-Regular: $300
-Late Reg: $325

*Ask your school adviser if you qualify for Financial Aid

Chief Justice: Bea Tisher
The values listed here are to be demonstrated by all the officers and delegates of the program
The Conference is governed by 3, yet Equal parts:

The Executive Branch,
The Legislative Branch, &
The Judicial Branch
The Executive Branch
Governor: Mr. Noah Crawford
Secretary of State: Cassie Sadie
Legislative Affairs Director: Jacob Kimes
Legal Adviser: Caitlin Cobb
Communications Director: Ben Jackson
The Legislative Branch:
The Senate 20%
The House of Representatives
The First Year Chamber 35%
Officers of the Senate:
Lieutenant Governor: Hannah Mouyal
President Pro-Temp: Lewis Fitzpatrick
Senate Floor Leader: Emily Allen
Officers of the House:
Speaker of the House: Amelia Putnam
Speaker Pro-Tem: Matt Tindal
House Floor Leader: Emily Stone
Officers of the First Year Chamber:
First Year Presiding Officer: Noah McNelley
First Year Pro-Tem: TBA
First Year Floor Leader: TBA
The Judicial Branch:
Chief Justice: Bea Tisher

8 Associate Justices: TBA
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