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Sustainable Innovation: Art & Discipline

PREC Symposium

Dr. Yazan Hijazi

on 4 August 2018

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Transcript of Sustainable Innovation: Art & Discipline

Sustainable Innovation: Art & Discipline
= Process + Creativity + Purpose + Adoption

Innovation is the capacity to continuously realize a desired future state,
that is in

Harmony with the Natural Environment and Humanity.
Innovation is the capacity to continuously realize a desired future state.
by Yazan Hijazi, PhD

Successful Innovation requires adoption.

“The individual must enlarge their toolset…”
“The group’s culture must support risk…”
“The organization must be structured…”
“The market must see utility and value…”
“The society must accept as legitimate…”
“The technology must be developed…”
If an Innovation falls in the forest with no one around, does it make a sound?
What drives Adoption?
Why Constraints?
Easy to agree upon. Provides common language.
Can be readily measured and probed.
Constraints are exactly what drives adoption.
Draw the lines
Creative Diversity
# 1 Everybody is creative.
# 2 People are creative in different ways.

Structured / Unstructured
# 3 No ideal form of creativity.

Activity: Paper pin
Take 3 minutes to come up with as many potential uses for paper clips as possible.

Activity: Brain Graph
Follow the facilitator's instructions to create your brain graph.

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