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No description

Margaux Rosier

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of London

1. General History
2. Sightseeings
General History
- 55 before Christ Julius Ceasar
- 1066 William the Conqueror
- 1665 plague
- 1666 the Big Fire
- 1850 rich
- 1875 sewage
- 7 million people
- Olympic Games
1.Tower Bridge
2.Tower of London
3.Piccadilly Circus
4.London Eye
5.Big Ben
6. Buckingham Palace
7. St. Paul's Cathedral
8. Banqueting House
Tower Bridge
-most famous bridge
-100 million pounds
-Horace Jones
-244 meters, 44 meters
-beautiful view
Tower of London
-oldest building
-1087, William the Conqueror, Northmen
-castle, palace, prison, museum
-high birth
-Yeoman Warders
Piccadilly Circus
-Robert Baker, Piccadills
-Statue of Anteros
-Times Square
London Eye
-135 meters
-40 kilometers
-32 cabins
-30 minutes
The Big Ben
-Palace of Westminister
-Benjamin Hall, politician
-St. Stephens Tower
-Elizabeth Tower
-31th of May
-11th of July
Buckingham Palace
-Buckingham House
-1705 John Sheffield
-775 rooms, 78 bathrooms
-1514 doors, 760 window-panes
3. Transport
1.Red Busses
4. Events and festivals
1.Thames Festival
2.New Year's Eve in London
3.Marathon of London
5. Funny facts
6. Ways to travel
Red Busses
-big attraction
-250 stations
-oldest metro system
-3 million people
-8th busiest
-23000 taxies > Fairway
-25000 streets
-best memory
Events and festivals
Thames Festival
-largest outdoor arts festival
-live music
-art installations
-river races
-street art
New Years Eve
-London's biggest party
-over 10 minutes
Marathon of London
-29th March 1981
-Chris Brasher, John Disley
-20000 people, 6474
-50000 people
-1983 > weelchair
-oldest tennis competition
-1877 > only for men
-1884 > also for women
-June and July
-purple and green > white
-Centre Court, Court No.1 and No.2
Fact 1
25% of the people living
in London today are born in
another country
Fact 2
There are 409 escalators
in the London underground
Fact 3
16% of UK's restaurants are
located in London
Fact 4
If London was a country
it would be the 8th
largest in Europe
Fact 5
Angel Tube Station has the
longest escalator in Western Europe
Fact 6
The tallest building in Europe is the Shard (in Dutch ''kaasschaaf'') with a length of 310 meters and it stands in London
Fact 7
There is also a building named
the Pickle (in Dutch ''augurk'')
Fact 8
Fact 9
Fact 10
People in London lose
80000 umbrellas per year
William the Conqueror ordered that everyone should go to bed at eight o'clock
The city has more than 5000 pubs and they serve more than 62 million pins of beer per year
Fun Fact
-not allowed to move
St. Paul's Cathedral
- one of Europe's biggest Cathedral
-111 meters
-66000 ton
-amazing view
-Winston Churchill
-marriage prince Charles and lady Diana in 1981.
Banqueting House
-the Palace of Whitehall
-destroyed by fire
-15618 pounds
-Indigo Jones
-beautiful roof paintings.
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