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The Denver Foundation's Nonprofit Internship Program 2012

Presentation of NPIP for the Philanthropic Leadership Committee

Vanessa Teck

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Denver Foundation's Nonprofit Internship Program 2012

NONPROFIT INTERNSHIP PROGRAM Class of 2012 Internship Timeline Meet the Interns Tara Page Alex Statham Anna Richards Brittani Venard Gabriela DeRobles Kathryn Trask Mikayla Branz Alba Valerdi Vanessa Teck Laura Newman Marilyn Hernandez-Stopp Meagan Maddock Mehreen Ahmed Wendy Guardado Velia Munoz Joshua Zuke June August July June 8th Kick-Off Event Maria Guajardo Leadership Workshop Personal
Community June 15 Nonprofit Fundamentals Sonya Ulibarri Mission-driven work
Nonprofit people and leaders
Resources and sustainability June 27th Inclusiveness Workshop Adrienne Mansanares & Carla Mestas Engaged supervisors and interns in: Inclusiveness in the workplace
Focus group
Understanding the importance of voice June 13th Communications Workshop The Denver Foundation Communications Staff The power of storytelling... Social media/visualization
Communicating vision
Attracting audiences July 18th Networking: Beyond the Business Card All friends and supporters of the Nonprofit Internship Program! Meeting the greater community and team behind the program.
Making lasting connections
Diversity within the nonprofit sector
Tips and tricks for networking July 27th It's Not Just About Fun & Games Roweena Naidoo & Sarah Stadler August 8th Closing Session: It's Not the End Why NPIP? Greater understanding of nonprofits
Building leadership skills
Real world experience
Connecting communities More than just an internship... Lasting community Alumni Network Communication Interns have made an effort to connect outside of learning workshops! We've attended:
July 4th celebrations
The SlutWalk
First Friday Art Walk
Colorado Dragon Boat Festival
and many other events together! New Projects & Suggestions for the Future Vanessa Teck, Philanthropic Partnerships Intern Real world simulation of running a nonprofit through role playing! An opportunity to share stories and celebrate another successful summer. The Nonprofit Internship Program now has an alumni network of over 75 individuals!
Class representatives
More active and engaging communication with alumni
Opportunities for alumni to recruit prospective applicants Updated Nonprofit Internship Website
Active Facebook group
What's Poppin' Internship Newsletter
Alumni newsletter Professional Development Planned Parenthood Youth Conference
JVA Consulting Workshops
Denver Open Media Focus groups with various stakeholders (alumni, leaders, etc.)
Moving into leadership
Continued emphasis on building relationships
Improving alumni relations "Modify what already exists. This is the best internship program ever done. Stickiness quality – I come back to TDF and I belong here. People remember me, say hello, meet with people that know me, stay constantly engaged. " Thank you! Please contact Holly Kingsbury (hkingsbury@denverfoundation.org) for any questions you may have. (A protest against explaining or excusing rape by referring to any aspect of a woman's appearance.)
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