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Should Genetic Engineering be Encouraged?

No description

Genesis Duran

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Should Genetic Engineering be Encouraged?

Should Genetic Engineering be Encouraged?
Medicines that treat deadly diseases, derives from the practice of genetic engineering
What is genetic engineering?
Genetic engineering is the modification of characteristics in which an organism exhibits through the manipulation of genes in the DNA molecule. By distorting the DNA molecule in a sense, subjects have been known to express enhanced capabilities or features.
Prevents disorders among children
With genetic engineering, scientists will be able to simply remove a defective gene and replace it with one absent of mutations.
May discourage mutations among plants
Counter-Plants can simply be placed in a stable environment so that mutations are not necessary.

Abundance in Food
Genetic engineering allows for
- Physically stronger plants
- Better at absorbing nutrients
- Built in pesticide; protection against insects

With these possibilities, spoilage and plant damage decrease, increasing the survival of plants.
- Insulin
Gene therapy can also be used for the enhancement on the immune system.
Makes body better capable of fighting cancer and HIV.
The benefits of genetic engineering outweighs the disadvantages that comes with this practice; therefore, genetic engineering should be encouraged
-Medical uses
-Gene Therapy
-Abundance in food
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