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Things about Arizona and why it's great!

Matthew Nguyen

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Arizona

State Symbols
Geography and Environment
Matthew Nguyen
The Palo Verde
Cactus Wren
arizona is Rocky and Dry
FYI: Meteor Crater is also known as Barringer Crater.
39.7% of people in Arizona make more than $99,000 each year.
Great "Arizonian" Food!
Beef Belly B.L.T
Baby Cakes
house cured beef bacon, baby spinach, jalapeno aioli, pickled tomatoes, rye, and simple field greens!
Rich velvet cake with coconut cream!
Found in The Citizen Public House
Found in The Arcadia Farms Cafe
Prickly Pear Punch
Prickly Pear Macarons
You can make these by yourself
The Arizona population is actually now 6,626,624 people according to the US Census Bureau's 2013 Program
/food in Arizona
Arizona fun facts
most food in arizona is inspired by new mexico/ mexico
arizona has an average of 11.32 inches every year
arizona is the 10th hottest state in the U.S.A
Arizona has 3,928 mountain peaks and summits—more mountains than any one of the other Mountain States
Petrified wood is the official state fossil. The Petrified Forest in northeastern Arizona contains America’s largest deposits of petrified wood.
The city of Phoenix was named for the mythical Egyptian phoenix bird—which burst into flame and was reborn from its ashes—because the town sprouted from the ruins of a former civilization.
The world’s largest solar telescope is located at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Sells, Arizona
no need to explain

arizona tourist attractions

or, of course other water sports
in scottsdale, you can visit the place where the giants train!
in arizona, you can bike, go hiking, play golf, and other fun sports/ outdoors stuff!!!
don't forget the beautiful sonaran desert, the largest stand of ponderosa pine forests in the world!
last but not least, the grand canyon national park! Do i even have to tell you what to do there?!?!!?
you can attend free ranger park programs, go to one of the museums, of course walk or hike one (or more) of the famous trails (like trail of time)!
33.2% of people are in poverty (less than $49k every year)
majority of people in arizona are white (56.9%)
minority of people in arizona are asian (2%)
by the end of 2012, 6.3% of people in the whole u.s were unemployed, which means that arizona (only 5.9 out of 6.553 million people) is pretty good is you're looking or a job
in california, 7.8 of people are unemployed (out of 38.04 million people)
2012 temperature
Avg. High

Avg. Low

avg. precip

Jan 67°F 46°F 57°F .91 in.
Feb 71°F 49°F 60°F .96 in.
Mar 77°F 54°F 66°F .99 in.
Apr 85°F 60°F 73°F .28 in
May 95°F 69°F 82°F .11 in
Jun 104°F 78°F 91°F .02 in
Jul 106°F 84°F 95°F 1.05 in
Aug 105°F 83°F 94°F 1 in
Sep 100°F 77°F 89°F .64 in
Oct 89°F 65°F 77°F .58 in
Nov 76°F 53°F 65°F .65 in
Dec 66°F 45°F 56°F .88 in
Yearly average for temperature: 75.416°f
yearly average for precipitation: .672 inches
most of arizona's money is from stores (Target, Walmart, etc.)
the least is from other transportations (trains, buses, etc.)
coldest month
hottest month
arizona trading
arizona trades with...
1 Mexico
2 Canada
3 China
spanish and english
arizona agriculture
20% of arizona's total crop productions
and dairy products
25% of copper is from arizona
large amounts of gold are mined in arizona
Arizona also mines and trades with these three metals
49% female
51% male
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