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The Automobile Industry During the 1920's

Information on the auto industry in the 1920's

Summer C

on 4 April 2012

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Transcript of The Automobile Industry During the 1920's

The Automobile Industry By: Benj Wollant and Summer Craig The automobile industry boomed during the 1920s'. One person that is responsible for this boom in the auto industry is Henry Ford. Henry ford was a Michigander, born on July 30, 1863.
He revolutionized automobile manufacturing by creating the assembly line, allowing him to dominate the market with lower prices.
In 1915 his model-T sold for around $290, putting it in reach of the average family. The automobile boom revolutionized the american society by: Making the government build thousands of new roads. (As seen in the graph above)
It allowed more people to live in the suburbs and still work in the city.
It allowed easier and faster travel.
It also employed 10 million Americans in the Automobile Industry. The automobile industry helped many other industries at the time succede and become more popular. Some examples of these are:
The Glass Industry
The Steel Industry
The Rubber Industry
The Oil Industry
The Gasoline and Diesel Industry The Rise And Fall Of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford was able to greatly reduce his manufacturing costs through the assembly line and manufacturing the parts of his cars. he also attracted many employees by offering a minimum wage of $5/hour. He dominated the market for the first few years until other companies, like GM, caught up with him. (And his awesomeness) The End
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