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Thy Dragon O' Night

A poem I made :)

Sarah Wilson

on 23 April 2011

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Transcript of Thy Dragon O' Night

Thy Dragon O' Night Hungry and angry,
Protective and offended,
Thy Dragon O' Night Thy Dragon O' Night
Was never so cruel
But once was caring,
And yet also giving. P.S. Tiny text is awesome! :D Thy Dragon O' Night
Lived in a cave north of the ruins
She was smart and never alone,
And what she had in her cave,
Oh My!
Were hundreds of fortunes! Thy Dragon O' Night
Passed out her pearls
For all who were needy,
Until one day
Thy Dragon O' Night
Left her pleasent cave. Thy Dragon O' Night
Was gone for monthes
And villagers bgan to wonder
If she would come back at all. Thy Dragon O' Night
Still did not return.
Thieves broke in
And stole her gold,
Poor families drove themselves
Into taking the silver,
And greedy men
Grabbed her bronze. Thy Dragon O' Night
Finally returned,
All that was left
Were seven crumbled pearls
Alone in the corner. Thy Dragon O' Night
Refused to allow the pearls alone
And all who approached her
Turned to ash Thy Dragon O' Hate
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