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MSc in Technology Management renewed

No description

Vlodko Khitsyak

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of MSc in Technology Management renewed

Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU)
1928-29 - base created by M. Sheptytskyy in Lviv

1963 - Catholic University of Pope Klymentiy in Rome

1994-98-ongoing - rebirth in Lviv


non bureaucratic,
based on Christian values

Lviv Business School of UCU
Since 2008

4 master's programs licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Upon passing a profound audit, Lviv Business School of UCU received the International Quality Accreditation (IQA)
by CEEMAN management association (210 members from over 50 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia) in 2016
Success indicators

LvBS alumni regard their study at LvBS as a valuable investment

LvBS alumni say their salary grew during/
as a result of their studies

LvBS alumni say they use contacts gained at the b-school in doing business/in work projects
Lviv IT cluster: industry needs that had to be covered by the program:

The gap between tech and business competency
Better clients' needs understanding
Organizational development
Visionary view on business
Management, leadership and soft skills

MSc in TM target audience
IT company owners/CEO's
Company growth
Product development
New market entry

Project & product managers,
delivery managers, business analysts, heads of dep'ts
CTO's, CIO's
Startupers & innovators
Systemic view on business
New skills
New career opportunities
Personal development
Own start-up
Systemic view on business
Growing business through IT
Management skills
New career opportunities
Business development
Global view on business
Leadership, team growth
Participants studying/applying
9.3 years experience in IT &/or in a tech role
(min 4 - max 16)
3-400 direct subordinates
31 ave age (25 - 40 age span)
Format of study
1,5 years
4 days/month
Study tour to Israel
Final project
Alumni and current
participants' successes

Created own company
Launched new product or service
Relocated abroad
Career grew
Zenyk Matchyshyn
- an ERP system for big building and whole cities
Mykhaylo Verlanov
Yevhen Kryvun
Andriy Pohorilyi
Oleg Mykhaylovych
Ivan Shmilyk
Anton Skrypnyk
Serial entrepremeur, 5 companies, incl. KindGeek Software
Ruben Melkonyan
Ksenia Verveha
Oleksiy Davydenko
Roman Savchenko
Alina Marusyk
Ivan Muts
Oleksandr Turevskyy
Halyna Shporlyuk
Kateryna Kosovan
Internet platform for
managing ads on print outs

Internet platform for car repair shops bidding for customers
Lead generation service
Technology-related courses
Soft skills
16-17 December 2016
25-28 January 2017
10-11 February 2017
8-9 February 2017
16-19 November 2016
19-22 October 2016
1. Seminar in Business;
2. Strategic Marketing / Business Development
IT Concepts and Strategies
Breakthrough Strategies: Development and Deployment
Product Development in IT/high tech
Technological and science-intensive entrepreneurship
New business models for business creation
5-6 April 2017
7-8 April 2017
7-10 June 2017
13-20 May 2017
3-4 March 2017
1-2 March 2017
Emerging Technologies
Strategic Planning and Project Management, part 2
International study tour to Israel
Software Architecture for Managers
Strategic Planning and Project Management, part 1
Sales Management
3-5 August 2017
7-8 July 2017
5-6 July 2017
6-7 September 2017
8-9 September 2017
Certified workshop: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Introduction to finance, part 1
Management Methods and Leadership
Corporate Finance
Introduction to finance, part 2
Final project
Сomeback of student years
Study tour to Israel
Innovation ecosystem in word #1
The highest density of start-ups in the word
In 2015, the total number of new startups in Israel rose to 1,400,
of which about 373 companies raised around $3.58 billion

Lecturers come from:

Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business
Queen’s University (Canada)
Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)
Munich Tech / Cologne Tech (Germany)
EADA Business School (Barcelona)
Ivey Business School (Canada)
Kingston Business School (UK)
Other tech universities and business schools
Industry professionals from the US and the UK

Systems Architecture for Managers

Matthew Bass
Faculty - Carnegie Mellon University
Software architect and software engineer for 15+ years

Co-author of the "Global Software Development Handbook"

Member of the central Software Architecture Group for Siemens Corporate Research
Methods in Requirements Engineering
Travis Breaux
Ph.D., Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon
Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (courses on software design and engineering privacy)

Director of the Requirements Engineering Lab

Core competence: requirements engineering; privacy, security and accessibility; regulatory compliance

Joao Perre Viana
Business Models for startup creation
Manager, Consultant, Teacher and Author

Founding partner of LeonardShop, a small investment fund

Associate Researcher at INOV-INESC (assists companies in the search for innovative technology solutions)

Core experience: game changing strategies, business model innovation and development of new growth platforms

Markets worked in on specific projects : 10+

Mentor at different startups

Sjur Dagestad
Professor of Innovation at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Enterprise Innovation
Head of Development at HTS Hans Torgersen & sønn AS

Research- and Innovation Coordinator at Teknologibedriftenes Landsforening Research

Development Director at Aura-gruppen

Chief of Innovation at Tomra Systems ASA

In 1993 founded an innovation company Innoco AS

Co-founder of approx. 10 companies
Author and co-author of 2 books on innovation (in Norwegian)
The first winner of the Norwegian National Inventor's Price (1994) -- invented a flare igniting device for offshore installations (in 2009 sold for 200 million US$)
Daniel Lewis
Business Communication, Management Methods and Leadership
Professional Facilitator and Executive coach specializing in Leadership Development
Managing Partner at Bright Leadership, helps companies internationally create organizations where people are highly engaged

Over 30 years of solid people management experience at Blue Chip companies (inc 10 years at Board level)

Henley Management School certified executive coach (board level members)
Fellow of CIMA and of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

Core competence: coaching board members, senior executives and teams, transformational leadership development, developing emotional intelligence
Vasyl Kalymon
Corporate Finance

Expert in international corporate finance, capital assessment, and financial planning

Taught at the business school of the University of California in Los Angeles,
Harvard Business School,
and the business school at the University of Toronto
Lecturer, EADA Business School (Barcelona)
Professor, Richard Ivey School of Business
Final project
Corporate Project
New product/ Start-up
Service for municipality or enterprise energy management
Internet platform for car repair shops bidding for customers
Product Management as a service
Zenyk Matchyshyn
Yuriy Gaiduchok
Mykhaylo Verlanov
Academic board (previous year)
Yaroslav Lyubinets
Chairman of SoftServe Board of Directors
Vsevolod Onyshkevych
Chief Marketing Officer at ELEKS
Andriy Hankevych
Finance Director, Terra Link
Nestor Komarnytsky
Sophia Opatska
Dean, Lviv Business School of UCU; Vice rector, UCU
Vasyl Matyashovskyy
Founding DIrector,
MSc in Technology Management
Enroll now:
Fill in the application form online, attach
an essay and doc scans in color
Pass interview, English test & provide contacts for oral recommendations

We announce the list of selected participants

You sign the contract with UCU and LvBS
Slack integration for employee intrinsic motivation
Chief Global Strategist at ELEKS
Essay: "Failure as a stimulus
to further achievements" 1,5 p.
Times New Roman, your name
$ 14 000
*for Lviv IT Cluster members
$ 13 000
Sep 2017
Dec 2017

Anastasiya Markuts

MSc in Technology Management program director

+380 67 215 4848


Skype: anastasya.markuts
Nataliya Saturska

MSc in Technology Management program manager

+38 093 747 97 30
​​​+38 098 350 35 56


Skype: nataliya.saturska
Get in touch

Member of LvBS Advisory Board

On the world's 25 best business consultants;
twice included in the Thinkers 50 ranking
-- the top 50 business thinkers of the world
Adrian Slywotzky
Calls LvBS "a student driven business school"
"Let the MSc in Technology Management be your bifurcation point".

- Anton Skrypnyk, MSc in TM alumnus 2015

Software to gyms
Apr 2018
Oct 2018
Birfucation point — a critical condition of a system, during which the system becomes unstable relative to fluctuations and uncertainty arises: will the system become chaotic or
will it transfer to a new, higher level of order
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