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French and Indian War

No description

Jenna Gormley

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of French and Indian War

French and Indian War
Conflict between France and Britain
LONG history of conflict in Europe
Main issue in North America- LAND
Ohio River Valley
very fertile land
Assumption of Britain- when the King granted land grants, the border was assumed to continue on towards Pacific Ocean
Argument: WHO has claim to the ORV
Fighting Begins
Fort Duquense vs. Fort Necessity
Setting: Allegheny and Mononghela Rivers meet and join to make the Ohio River

Race is on to build a fort to claim the territory
George Washington sent to build Ft. Necessity
France builds Ft. Duquense just up and across the river
France's Presence in Michigan
Michigan is a Valuable Resource

fresh water a plenty
natural waterways to Atlantic Ocean
access to Mississippi River
Pontiac's Rebellion
Britain and the Native American tribes did not see eye to eye
Natives fearful Britain plans to take land and subject them to British rule
Pontiac- chief of Ottawa
joined with Wyandots, Ojibwas, and Potawatomis
by 1762, Pontiac enlisted support from practically every tribe from Lake Superior to the lower Mississippi
The Plan
Each tribe would attack and seize the nearest fort and then join forces to wipe out undefended settlements

Pontiac's attack began with Detroit but...
British found out about the attack

July 31, Britain attacked Pontiac's camp but were repelled with heavy losses in the Battle of Bloody Run

United tribes did capture 8 forts

Spring of 1764, 2 British armies were sent out ... forced Shawnee to sue for peace breaking Pontiac's alliance

Pontiac was murdered in 1769 by a member of the Peoria tribe in Illinois
Natives choose Sides
Menominee, Ojibwe, Potawatomi

Attempt to protect land... Choose the French at first because of the relationship that has been built.

France is very successful at first
Fort Necessity (start of war)
Ft. Duquesne
Braddock and Washington
Ft. Niagra
Ft. Lake George w/ Help from Iroquois
Ft. Oswego
Ft. William Henry
Relationship with Natives from French view
France sent many missionaries to convert Natives to Christianity

Not many settlers since the focus was on commerce and not settlement

Very little conflict with Natives- working relationship
End of War
Treaty with England (Treaty of Paris)
France cedes ALL North American land to the Mississippi River
Natives lost land too and begin to attack British settlements that will lead to Proclamation of 1763
Pontiac's Rebellion
Tide Turns in favor of Britain
British leadership changed
William Pitt became Prime Minister and gives the army a new sense of purpose
Britain reclaims Fort Duquesne and renames it Fort Pitt
Iroquois change sides!
can see the French are getting beat and are worried
show British a secret path to use in attack on Quebec
Montreal- capital of Canada
official end of war 1763
We'll talk about this when I get back...
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