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Drum Corps

presentation for english on marching bands major league

Zachary Shannon

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Drum Corps

look familiar? Indianapolis, Indiana lucas oil stadium home of the indianapolis colts
but thats not all but that's not all Lucas Oil stadium also serves as the locations for the
Drum Corps International World Championships. but... What is Drum Corps International? it is an american based organization dedicated to hosting competitions for drum and bugle corps around the world. a drum and bugle corps is very similar to your high school marching band, just without woodwind instruments. the levels of perfection, precision, and musicality however, cannot be rivaled.
each drum corps consists of about 150 members that pay out of pocket to get their chance to vy for a world championship medallion. members can be considered to be musicians, performers, and even athletes. now, I know what you're thinking. band geeks cannot be athletes. but, i have proof. So...what does it take to march in a drum corps? once again. corps marching is very similar to high school or college marching band but to an extreme level. annoying ticking noise in the background. this is a dr. beat, a metronome set to 185 bpm (beats per minute). now, were gonna try a practical application. im sure by now you have noticed the
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