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Religion in India

No description

Jan Apel

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of Religion in India

Religion in India
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Table of contents
Religions in India
Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims
Women in India
82 % of the indian Population are Hindu
The main gods
Brahma (Creation)
Vishna (Preservation)
Shiva (Destruction)
The three main goddesses
The wives of the three main gods
Traditions and Beliefs
Reincarnation (Samsara / Sangsara)
A polytheistic Religion
Hindu believe that Gods have desires and needs like Humans
Saraswati (Knowledge)
Lakshmi (Wealth)
Parvati (Motherhood)
Pictures of their deitys at home
Visits of temples with flowers
Ceremonies for marriage, pregnancy and childbirth
Cows are sacred in India and it is forbidden by law to kill them
A monostheistic Religion
The six articles of faith
about 12% of the indian Population are Muslims
The Five Pillars of
Testemony of faith
A monostheistic Religion
Origins of the Religion
Guru Nanak established the Religion in the 15th century without certain indian Customs (Caste System, Sati)
"There is no Muslim, there is no Hindu. all are equal Human beings because they are all children of the same father, god" - Guru Nanak
The three aspects of Sikhism
Naam Japna
The five symbols of Sikhs
Uncut Hair (Gathered in a turban)
Sword or Dagger
Bracelet on the right wrist
About 2% of the indian Population are Sikhs
He included some Hindu and Muslim Customs
Religion should unite people despite of their sex, skin colour, caste or beliefs
God is everywhere, which is why they do not support pilgrimage
Kirat Karni
Vand Chakna
Daily mediation while reciting gods name
Earning an honest living
Selflessly serving others and sharing
Age of Discovery
Castes and Christians
Christianity Today
1-2% of the Indian population

Monotheistic religion
About 0.8% of the Indian Population, non-theistic
Buddhism is a widespread Asian religion or philosophy, founded by Siddartha Gautama in India in the 5th century bc.
Gods ?
The four Noble Truths
All existence is suffering
The cause of suffering is desire
Freedom from suffering is Nirvana
And the only way to attain that is mental discipline (Meditation)
Buddhism has no god, and gives a central role to the doctrine of karma. The so called Buddha is just another Name for the orginator of Buddhism, Siddartha Gautama.
about 0.4% of the Indian Population, non-theistic
Founded in India in the 6th century bc by Jina Vardhamana Mahavira
Jains are not allowed to not commit violence, not tell a lie, not steal, not hoard and observe continence
Why are cows symbols of living for hindus ?
The Beginning
Arrived 200 years ago
-->Apostle St. Judas Thomas arrived in India
-->Converted Indians
European explorers arrived in the 15th century
Made Christianity to third biggest religion
Most Christians don't have a disadvantage in caste system
For 500 years Christianity was third biggest religion
Overpowered by Sikhism 10 years ago
Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims
-Many conflicts between religions
-Largest conflict between Hindus and Muslims
Example's in the book
"Real" example
-Salim flees from several Hindus, who are "hunting" Muslims
-Salim doesn't get a job because he's Muslim
-The chapter "A Soldier's Tale" is mostly about the Kashmir-conflict
Splitting of India into three countries
-British left their colony in 1947
-Nation splits into Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India
-Big demographic change, many people died
-Several wars between the countries
-Complications between East and West Pakistan Bangladesh
-Still high violence in India
Women in India
-Constitution gurantees them equality
-Domnestic violence gets punished
-Propotion of females
-Indira Gandhi
-Stereotypes still dug in society
-Still lots of violence against women
-Dowry tradition
Indian people are living in "different centuries"
Why does peace has for centuries a bigger role in Indian religions than in European religions ?
Can a religion be a religion without a God/s ?
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