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period 7 K Moll

No description

maryann carroll

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of period 7 K Moll

How is lipstick made and what is it?
Pigment,alcohol,wax and oil is what lipstick is made of.The first step is to melt ingredients by them selves and the solvents and oils are grounded together with the color you want.After that, the melted lipstick will be poured into a container and mixed and then cool it, but make sure that it doesn't have a bumpy fell to it, then
its not ready.
Lipstick is made to beautify the wearer.There is a big amount of colors to beautify people.
Women use to wear less makeup than men. In the 18 century women wore to much makeup than the British Parliament passed a law about it. Tooth paste and shampoos are cosmetics too. Cosmetics were used in Europe a lot. Cancer used to be linked to lipstick. Lipstick started 5 thousand years ago.Babylonians, Persians,Egyptians,and Greeks were the first people to wear lipstick.
Lipstick comes in a lot of different sizes.
It also has a lot of different colors

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