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Marketing & Branding Yourself in a Competitive World

No description

Los Gatos

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of Marketing & Branding Yourself in a Competitive World

Knowing Yourself
Step 2: Who is the Competition?
Do your research
Step 1:
The Right Mind Set
You are your own coach and team
by Marketing & Branding Yourself

Getting the Job You Want
Step 3:
What is Your Strategy?

Do NOT try to be or do everything!
Step 4:
Execute Your Strategy
Step 5: Game Day-
Your Interviews
7 Steps Towards
the Finish Line

Step 6: Evaluation
Step 7: Cautions!
Opening and closing Statements
Based on beating your competition
Positive Competition
Get Employer Feedback
Do NOT Overextend
Practice Makes Perfect!
Groups of 3 taking turns
Session Evaluation
Plus Delta Exercise
Your Attributes
Your Turn!
Growing Yourself


Who else is likely to apply?

Generalize to 3-5 types
Only 3 attributes for yourself
No Put-Downs
Every question
One early question
Even use in your resumes and letters
Stay on Point
Evaluate Your Strategy
Evaluate Your Execution
Meet the Minimum Qualifications

Resume Inflation

10 mins for each interview of 4 questions
Debrief afterwards on strategy & execution
Share the audio and visual record
Preparation- It's all about you!
What you need to be doing NOW
Anticipate: recovery, growth, turnover
Achieve: engage; get noticed
Align: match your skill set to your next job
Preparation 1: Knowing Yourself
Preparation 2: Your Attributes
Preparation 3: Your Turn!
Preparation 4: Growing Yourself
Seek objective feedback
Formal and informal feedback
Evaluate hard skills and soft skills
Be brutal and honest, avoid your fan club
Rate your presentations, group interactions, 1-1
Response to gender, hierarchy, personality types
What are you attributes? Take Inventory:
List a minimum of
20 attributes for you
Diversify your background
Rotations-internal or external
Special Projects- internal and external
Education- formal and informal
Supervision- internal or external, nonprofit
Quantitative- excel, budget, statistics
Network- associations, info interviews
1. The Right Mindset
2. Who is the Competition?
3. What is Your Strategy?
4. Execute Your Strategy
5. Game Day- Your Interviews
6. Evaluation
7. Cautions

Marketing & Branding Yourself in a Competitive World

Greg Larson
Management Consultant and Cal-ICMA Past President

Rumi Portillo
Los Gatos Human Resources Director
Greg Larson
Rumi Portillo
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