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Amur Leopard

No description

Andy Cao

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of Amur Leopard

Kingdom- Animalia
Species-Panthera Pardus
The Amur Leopard lives in cold places so it has long fur. For camouflage their fur is paler than other leopard. Their fur is cream colour and have black spot with tan in the middle.Their spot are much wider and larger than other leopard.
1-Snow Leopard
2-Amur Tiger
The Amur Leopard lives in the forest of far Russia. In winter time they experience cold, harsh and deep snow. In summer time they experience hard and hot summer.
Their fur feel like a cat's fur. Their tongue has hooks so they can scrape of the meat on the bone. Male weigh 32-48kgs, but can weigh up to 75kgs. A female can weigh up to 25-43kgs. The Amur Leopard has retracted claws.
Amur Leopard
A Leopard
An Amur Leopard
a male
a female
a Amur Tiger
a Jaguar
a Snow Leopard
The Amur Leopard lives in a forest ecosystem
The Amur Leopard is hunted down for its beautiful fur. The Amur Leopard is critically endanger.
Some Changes if the Amur Leopard go extinct
the animal that the Amur Leopard hunt will over populate.
The animal that over populate will run out of food. And all the the animals that live in that ecosystem will have a chance of extinction
WWF are trying to stop illegal hunting and poaching. WWF are trying to make them reproduce faster.
The Future
I think we should stop cutting down forest for farming instead we should help protect it trather then cutting it. Also I think we should make hunting area smaller and out of Amur Leopard area so they don't hunt the animals that live there so the Amur Leopard can hunt
Fun Fact
The Amur Leopard has only 30 left. It can run up to 38-40 miles an hour. It drags it prey up high place before eating it.
The Amur Leopard eats doe, hare and deers
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