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7 Approaches To Psychology; Amanda Bynes

No description

Chelsea Culberson

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of 7 Approaches To Psychology; Amanda Bynes

7 Approaches To Psychology; Amanda Bynes
Evolutionary approach examines human thought and behavior in terms of natural selection, behavior patterns have evolved to solve adaptive problems.
Founded by David Buss and Charles Darwin.

Amanda Bynes mom's family line has a history of bipolar disorder and mood swings. Bynes has mood swings that take her to a natural high, to irritability to despondency which makes her unable to control her own course of actions
Behavioral approach explains human thought and behavior in terms of conditioning and looks strictly at observable behaviors and what reaction organisms get in response to specific behaviors.
Founded by John B. Watson and BF Skinner.

Amanda Bynes grew up around the acting profession from age 7 and up, her dad even strived to be a stand up comedian during her childhood. She stated that her bizzare behavior was all an act, so it may be seen that she's imitating behavior that she has been revolved around and observed for so long
Humanistic approach is the belief that we chose most of our behaviors and these choices are guided by physiological, emotional, or spiritial needs.
Founded by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow

Amanda Bynes has had over 7 different cosmetic surgeries because she says she felt self-conscious about herself. Her obsession with cosmetic/plastic surgery is due to her trying to boost her self fulfillment.
Social Cultural-
Approach that describes how thoughts and behaviors vary from people in different cultures. It also emphasizes the influence culture has on the way we think.
No certain founder.

Amanda Bynes , perhaps, feels that her behavior is normal considering she is famous. She is surrounded by bizarre behavior on a daily basis because many childhood stars have also had a life crisis such as the one is is currently facing. The Hollywood culture lets celebrities think its okay to establish such behavior.
Biological approach is how the body and brain enable emotions and sensory experiences.
Founded by Rene Descartes

Due to having a major bipolar disorder, this can cause Amanda to act eratically out of control. Also having schizophrenia makes her situation worse.
Psychodynamic approach is therapy used to treat patients with mild to moderate life problems due to traumatized childhoods.
Founders are Sigmund and Anna Frued, Joseph Brueur, and Carl Jung

As a child, her parents sold her to the entertainment industry as much as they could. It set the stage for her illnesses and causing her to act worse.
Cognitive is how our thought process works and how we store and remember information.
Founder is Paiget.

Amanda thinks that since her parents sold her to the industry so unfairly, she can act wild and crazy as a way to show them they were wrong and make them feel horrible. Amanda craves attention and she interprets the attention as positive, but its certainly negative.

-Chelsea Culberson
-Morgan Ford
-5th period AP Psychology
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