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Bonus Structure Proposal

No description

Shawn Ali

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Bonus Structure Proposal

Current Structure
Discretionary Bonus Plan?
Proposal for New Bonus Methods
SW&S - PILOT Bonus Program
Link to Organizational Strategy
Clearly Define Individual Objectives
Linked to Organizational Strategy?
Objectives/Performance Measures defined?
Payment reasoning communicated?
Set National objectives SW&S has to reach as an organization
For Example
For Example
National Goal - Spirits

Grow by 5%
National Goal - Wines

Grow by 3%
Each person's objectives will have a portion (ex. 25%) of their bonus payable based on SWS hitting overall targets
Setup a well-communicated, traceable objectives structure
Three-Tiered Approach
for Sales Reps
Objective 1
SWS Hits Targets
Objective 2
Province Hits Targets
Objective 3
Individual Hits Targets
Communications supplemented by easy to use IT tools (COGNOS)
Individual receives
of the max. allowable bonus
Aligns Rep to overall
Individual receives
of the max. allowable bonus
Aligns Rep to overall
strategy - mandates TEAM behavior
Individual receives
of the max. allowable bonus
Aligns Rep to overall
How do we make this happen
Of the 50% Achievable
60% - Quantitative
40% - Qualitative
(On-Premise Reps:
Quant. data to include Distribution/Activations/Tastings/etc.)
End Goal...
Formalized PMP (Performance Management Process)
Quarterly Statistical Updates - using Cognos reporting
Regular Performance Reviews
Employees will be motivated to achieve clearly planned objectives.
Management will be empowered by setting up provincial targets and coaching employees.
The company wins, as everyone is working towards a common goal.
Regional Leads set these targets
This is the 60% of the 50%
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