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Michael Jackson

No description

Bryn Christine

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
By:Bryn Tibus

Early Biography
Michael Jackson was put into a group with his older brothers by his father, who was a guitarist. His brothers of the group were Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and, later on, Marlon. Michael joined the group at only five years old and became the lead vocalist for the group. When older brother Marlon joined the group, they became known as the Jackson Five. The band started their journey by performing at local gigs and gained many followers. The first single the Jackson Five recorded on their own was
Big Boy
You've Changed
on the flip side, but neither of the singles gained much attention. The Jackson Five were introduced to Motown founder Berry Gordy by artists they began working with such as James Brown and Sam and Dave. Jackson Five was signed to Berry Gordy's record label, Motown Records, in 1968. The Jackson Five relocated to Los Angeles where they lived with Berry Gordy and
singer Diana Ross, who they later opened for. They came out with their first album
Dianna Ross Presents the Jackson 5
in late 1969. Later on in 1971, they came out with a self-titled cartoon show that lasted until 1973. They left Motown in 1975 because of management issues and signed with Epic Records renaming themselves the Jacksons. The band officially broke up in 1989.
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More About Michael
The genre of music he performed was R&B and Pop/Rock.
The style of music he performed was Motown, Pop, and Soul.
Motown is a genre that blends rhythm and blues and pop. The vocals of Motown closely resemble the vocals in Gospel music. (
Pop music is based on memorable melodies, repeated sections and is influenced heavily by R&B and adult contemporary. (
Michael Jackson is an Award-winning pop singer, who is known as the "King of Pop".
His solo career began in 1982 and lasted until about 2008.
The styles of music he has performed include: Pop, Motown, Soul,etc.

This Is It
In October of 2009, a documentary film about the preparations for Michael Jackson's final tour was released in theatres. The film featured a collection of interviews, rehearsals and backstage footage. On opening weekend, it made 23 million dollars and launched to number one at box office. Overall, the video has made over 260 million dollars world-wide.
Solo Career
Although he was still working with Jackson Five, he began his own solo career at age thirteen. His first solo album
Got to Be There
was released in 1971. He released his second album,
, in 1972, which featured his first number one single,
. In 1979, he released his next solo album
Off the Wall
, which featured Grammy Award-winning songs
Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
Rock With You
. He then released
in 1982, which featured seven Top 10 hits and it became the best-selling album in history. He performed his number one hit
Billie Jean
on a television special where "The Moonwalk" first appeared. Around 1984, he signed a five million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi-Cola and was badly injured when filming Pepsi-Cola's commercial. He received surgery to fix his injuries and began experimenting with plastic surgery around this time. In 1987, he released
, which featured five number one hits. In the late 1980's, he created his fantasy retreat Neverland, where exotic animals and amusement rides were kept. Allegations of child molestation began in 1993 and he was arrested in 2004 for charges that were related to an incident with a thirteen year old boy. He married Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie in 1994, but were divorced in 1996. He then married Debbie Rowe and they had two children, Joseph and Paris. Michael also had a third child, Michael the Second, with a surrogate. In 2005, he was faced with great financial charges, which were soon resolved with help from the Bahrain prince and his tour sell out. On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died from cardiac arrest.
Society's Response
A positive response continues to grow for Michael Jackson, even following his death in 2009. When the world first met Michael Jackson in 1963, they were introduced to a five year old boy with a puffy afro and a thrilling voice. When Michael Jackson took on his solo career in 1971 at only thirteen years old, listeners were shocked at how much of a terrific entertainer he was. His sound had an incorporation of different types of music, he had his own sense of fashion, and he had a few signature dance moves. These things were not "in-the-moment"; they stayed around to influence society even after his passing.
One of the many ways that Michael Jackson has influenced the world is from his sound. Michael Jackson's sound "had a little bit of everything" (
The Baltimore Sun
, Jill Rosen). From Motown to disco to pop, etc., he had done it all. One thing people recognize when they listen to or hear Michael's songs is the high-pitched shrieks he incorporates into his music. Another thing that people recognize about Michael Jackson is how gifted he was. Michael's mother, Katherine, had stated, "I think we have another lead singer" when she saw four year old Michael singing along to a James Brown song (
Rolling Stone
). She goes on to say that sometimes Michael's abilities frightened her because she knew that his childhood would be taken away by stardom. Not only did his family recognize his abilities, but so did the whole world when they first heard him. He is, of course, dubbed the "King of Pop."
Another one of the many ways the world has been influenced by Michael Jackson is by his fashion. His most memorable and recognizable outfit would most likely be the white sequined glove, the red jacket with many zippers, the fedora and the pegged pants. When the
Beat It
video came out, everybody wanted the jacket that he wore. Even from age thirteen, Michael was looked at as a fashion icon. From the psychedelic prints, to the jacket with many zippers, to to the many bedazzled outfits,etc.. He was always showcasing a new look that had people inspired.
Jackson Five-ABC
One of the biggest things that Michael Jackson is known for, and has influenced, is dance. From the time he began his career as an artist, Michael Jackson had been mesmerizing all people with his exhilarating dance moves. His crotch grabs, his "laser-sharp spins", the moonwalk, everything he did people wanted to do themselves. The first time Michael Jackson performed the Moonwalk was in 1983 when he performed
Billie Jean
at the 25th Motown Anniversary special. People had watched James Brown do the Moonwalk many times before, but when Michael did it, he achieved it with such perfection. Kids all over the United States began to try out this move after watching him do it (
Rolling Stone
). Another big move that Michael Jackson executed was the crotch grab. This famous move started to show up in the singer's music videos from his album
. When other famous artists saw this move, they began to try it out for themselves. Madonna, for instance, busted this move in her music video
Express Yourself
and it left critics all over buzzing about it. They began saying things like how "crude" it was or how "unladylike" it was. Madonna responded to this by saying, "Women should be allowed, even empowered, to do anything men could" (
Huffington Post
, Devra Maza). Another artist who is seen trying to perfect his every move because of Michael's influence is Justin Timberlake.
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The Moonwalk
First time Michael Jackson performs The Moonwalk at Motown's 25th Anniversary Special. (
The popularity of Michael Jackson can most accurately be measured in numbers. According to
, Michael Jackson is searched on the internet approximately 252,360 per month. According to
The Telegraph
, his total lifetime earnings from his music is approximately 500 million dollars. He was also admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame two times (
The Telegraph
). Although there are many statistics showing elements of Michael Jackson's popularity, seeing them on screen will not fully bring awareness to his success.
Rankings and Awards
Although there are hundreds of different rankings and awards Michael Jackson has won, these are just a few top rankings and awards.
750 million albums sold world-wide
13.4 million tickets sold for his world tours (Including
This Is It
Statistics Brain
In 1983, won Billboard Award Pop Album of the Year for
In 1986, he won multiple Grammy Awards for his song
We Are the World
In 1984, he won two MTV Video Music Awards for

In 2000, he won a World Music Award for Best Selling Male Pop Artist of the Millenium Award.
In 2006, he won a World Music Diamond Award.
Ace Showbiz
Billie Jean
ranked #1 on Hot 100 for Billboard currently
Michael Jackson is important because he has impacted society and musical talents in ways that other artists have not before. Jackson has impacted them in ways with his sound, his fasion, his dancing and even his music videos. The legacy he left behind in 2009 continues to be remembered by millions.
Personal Thoughts
I have a keen interest in Michael Jackson because I was introduced to him by my mother and stepfather. When I lived in California, my mom, stepdad, and I would drive around and rock out to Michael's albums. Listening to his albums with them made me want to learn more about Michael and the legacy he left behind. I began listening to him on my own and watching his music videos on my own. By doing this, my interest in him grew. I was interested in him because he was creative with his music. His music videos, in particular, always sort of told a story.
Influential Artists
According to
The Lava Lizard
, there are eight great artists who have influenced Michael Jackson.
1. James Brown-He has always been Michael's favorite artist and Michael idolized him as an entertainer. Brown was also Michael's influence for The Moonwalk.
2.Fred Astaire- He inspired Michael's choreography that was shown in the music video for
Smooth Criminal.
3. Diana Ross- Michael was inspired by her nonchalant attitude and her love of sparkly things.
4. Prince- Michael was a huge fan of Prince and eventually adopted his Glam Rock fashion sense.
5.Stevie Wonder- Jackson was inspired by his melodies, which were composed of R&B and Funk elements.
6. Marvin Gaye- Gaye influenced Jackson to use his voice to make a difference through songs.
7.Smokey Robinson- Jackson incorporated elements of Robinson's sounds into his music.
8.Jackie Wilson- Jackson incorporated a few of Wilson's moves into his music videos and performances.
The Lava Lizard

When the album
was released in 1982, Jackson was hoping it would equal the amount of sales made from
Off theWall
Rolling Stone
). Little did he know that eight months later it would be titled the "biggest-selling album in history." Thriller has impacted pop culture in many different ways. One of the biggest ways it impacted pop culture is that it influenced other African American artistis. Quincy Jones states, "It inspired black artists to look at themselves in a limited way..." (
Rolling Stone
). The music video for
also had a huge impact on pop culture. Michael's manager at the time, Frank DiLeo, wanted to create something that would strengthen the sales for the album. DiLeo told Jackson to make something scary, so Jackson decided to make the music video into a story. Altogether, Thriller allowed other black artists to use music video creations more effectively and it broadened the spectrum for a bigger focus on pop music.
Original Music Video
Thrill The World
Along with its' impact on pop culture,
has inspired young people to do an annual
march. Ines Markeljevic is the creator of
Thrill The World
, an annual world-wide simultaneous dance to Thriller. It is run by fans from all over the world and any one can volunteer to organize this event. (
Thrill The World In New York City 2013
Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 from cardiac arrest at 50 years old. He was rushed to the hospital when his heart failed, as well as CPR attempts to save him. He died that same morning. There was an immediate rush of public grief as soon as word got out. A televised memorial was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on July 12. There were, however, 17,500 seats available that were given away for free. A private funeral for immediate family members and guests was held on September 3 at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.
Listening Guide for
Man In The Mirror
Tempo: The tempo is approximately 100 beats per minute with four beats in each bar.
Form: The song is based off of twelve bar sections and fourteen bar sections. The song starts off instrumental with one twelve bar section and one fourteen bar section before the lyrics start automatically.
Features: The introduction immediately begins with loud playing of the piano for one stanza. Soft vocals are heard before the first verse begins. The synthesizer is heard right before the second verse begins. The music begins to get faster during the second verse and the vocals become louder at the end of the second verse. The beat picks up when the chorus starts. Immediately after the chorus ends, a banging of the drum is heard with the synthesizer. This goes on for the next verse until the chorus begins again and the beat previously heard starts. The music gets louder when a church choir starts in the background. The choir is heard repeating a few of the same lyrics. The rest of the song consists of repetition and the song ends with the choir fading out.
Lyrics: The song talks about global struggles like hunger, poverty, and the unfortunate. It talks about the realization that these things are taken for granted and that it's time to do something about it, starting with the "man in the mirror". Its' whole message is about learning to make a change in the world.
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