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Green Building

No description

baraa tamimi

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Green Building

Green Building
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
the way people construct their building is about to change radically . it has to , the majority of modern-day building waste energy , water and resources beyond comprehension ..
Five green things you can do in your home right now.
1.Replace your old appliances with new energy efficient ones..

2.Turn towards the sun..
Green building is the healthy ,common-sense choice for a better life
1. introduction
2.What building types can be green?
3. Building materials
4.Picturing the perfect green rooms
5.Green Thing you can do in your home
6.Myths about green building
7.Green Thing to do on every new project
8. Advanteges & disadvanteges
4.stuff the walls with the right kind of insulations..
5.Recycle construction waste..
3.Heat your water with the sun
four common myths about green building and remodeling
1. green building always cost more than traditional building ..
NOT TRUE ,, there is no difference in cost !
2.green material are more expensive

Green Building Can Introduce PROBLEMS..
1.adding natural daylight brings in more light and more glare.
2.adding a green roof add weight.

3.orienting your home to the sun may mean turning the house in different direction from that from the neighboring homes.
What building types can be green?
• Homes
• Schools
• Commercial and public buildings
• Laboratories
• Healthcare facilities

Perfect Green Kitchen !
Fresh air is important in kitchen..
Natural sunlight is free and offers the best quality of light you can find..
Perfect Green Kitchen
switch your bulbs to energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs..
replace old appliances with new. energy star-rated appliances..
believes that the green building process not only benefits the community at large but will soon become the norm
Don’t get bogged down, don’t be afraid to innovate
Old ones spend a lot of energy!
Having hot water anytime is expensive!
Insulation lowers the energy bills!
green building
is a way of looking at buildings that allows people to be more responsible with energy and natural resources ,,
3. green building take longer to build !
The type of construction determines
the construction time ,,
perfect green bedroom !
- Insulate all the walls of the bedroom with formaldehyde-free insulation to block unwanted noise from disturbing you
- turn the thermostat down and use an extra blanket instead . a timed , programmable thermostat can warm up your room before you wake up .

1. provides a healthier and more comfortable environment.
2. incorporates energy and water efficient technologies .
3. reduces constructions and demolition waste .
4. bring higher resale value .
5.Includes renewable energy technologies.
6. is easier to maintain and built to last.
AلGreen Building :
4.Green building offer no economic advantage
Bara'a , Suzan & Majdolen.
Civil Engineering.
Green Building's Material
picturing the perfect Green Rooms
Perfect Green Bathroom
1-Weathrize your windous an doors.

Five Green things to do on every new home project
2.Go green with your yard
3.convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace.
4.Install a solar-powered clothes dryer
5.Buy a water filter instead of bottled water
Building materials should be "green" that mean the lumber or the wood should be from forest and standard. Also, the other materials like stones and metal be non-toxic ,renewable, reusable and recycled.

Finally, that will make the building strong and remain for a long time.
Bathrooms hold a surprising number of opportunities to green your home, including reducing water use, protecting indoor air quality through moisture control and ventilation,

and using environmentally preferable cleaning and personal care products.
If you are starting on a journey , you need to know where you are going . in the following sections , we will cover (3) common rooms : "kitchen , bedroom and bathroom" and show you how you can create the ideal green room – and home .
any money spent on green building will pay for itself
ten times
over the life of the building !
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