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Network School

on 10 October 2016

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Getting Ready
In somoe countries technology have started,
Hurricanes and differnt kinds of weather will be detected by a useful technolgy called a rador. It tells the whole country that cyclones or other storms are coming so everyone have to take they're useful stuff and run to the other cities to be able yo live

Cyclone is a hurricane but it twrils around a place but this Cyclone is mostly found in the oceans and the cyclone has an eye,the eye is a middle of thr twrilling cyclone.
What should we do?
When the people got the news they start packing and getting ready to go to another country,Also most people say that how do the people who live in the woods survive such as wood cuter,village people and survivers who hunt bears for people cloths,for these people they live in far away land so they can't move easily that's why they have basement sheds to stay in,but it doesn't mean that they have to stay there without any food when they heard the news they start hunting for animals to survive the cyclone.
When it happens
The government tells you to move to a another because there is 82%
Possibility that the storm can hit the whole city. Cyclone is very strong
And can wipe out buildings and structures easily without a move of a muscle. In these times most people’s houses get wipe off things like roofs, windows, walls. Sometimes when it happens it is terrible and hard for countries like lower economically developed countries, it’s hard for them because they don’t have transportation and not very much food to survive and when most people from LEDC countries have problems like this then they take they’re children and hid somewhere but now they are developing because more people are giving money, food and helping them

What causes cyclone
well cyclones caused by a combination of strong winds driving water onshore and the lower atmospheric pressure in a tropical cyclone. The main source of energy for tropical cyclones is the warm oceans in the tropical regions. To initiate a tropical cyclone the sea-surface temperature generally needs to be above 26.5°C.

Any questions?
Thank you for
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