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ISTE NETS-S Performance Indicators

Performance indexes for high school students (aged 14-18)

Al Sandwell

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of ISTE NETS-S Performance Indicators

CrD Employ curriculum-specific simulations for practicing critical-thinking skills. (4) The following activities involving digital resources are examples of learning resources in which boys and girls might engage in grades 9-12 Identify a complex global issue, develop a systematic plan for investigation, and present innovative sustainable solutions. (5) Model legal and ethical behaviors when using information and technology by properly selecting, acquiring, and citing sources. (8) I will design an online game that tests the students' mastery of such course content as author's names, works and passages from books/poems/.etc and possibly the fine points of grammer and facts about literary styles/techniques. The class can be split five or six ways and every student in every group will be required to answer questions, but each group will be answering the same questions and whichever group scores the highest gets extra credit. This is the incentive to getting students to learn and I may use it as a review before every exam. I think students ought to research something such as the health care problem in the United States, or our dependence on oil and getting onto green energy and write a research project on it in which they assess the pros and cons for both sides of whatever issue they write on. Better yet, the project may be a collaboration between two students engaging in a sort of debate on a given issue; they present their sides in turn either in written or oral form and conclude with possibilities on how they can work together. Students should learn about plagiarism and how citing sources properly is essential whether they're using print sources or electronic sources. For example, I should let them fan out and do research on their own as to how to cite what kind of sources which way, as just another way of them getting accustomed to taking charge of their own learning. Design, develop, and test a digital learning game to demonstrate knowledge and skills relating to curriculum content. (1) One should never underestimate the importance of online discussion forums as a means for students to discuss with one another their interpreatations of a text they might be reading in class. Analyzing literature is paramount to developing critical thinking skills and the online world is a fantastic way for students who might otherwise be too shy to speak up in class to voice their opinions and engage in discourse with their peers(and myself). Al Sandwell http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-students/nets-for-students-2007-profiles.aspx
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