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Types of Computer

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rizzaleen gonzales

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Types of Computer

According to Sizes
1.Micro Computer ( Personal Computer )

2.Mini Computer
- is a multi user computers that lies in the middle range of the computing spectrum, in between the largest mainframe computer and the smallest single user systems ( microcomputer )

- was created to distinguish the traditional large institutional computer intended to service multiple users from the smaller single user machines.

According to Data handled
1. Analogue Computer

Types of Computer
- are the most common type of computer. The term ‘microcomputer’ was introduced with a single chip of

Microcomputer includes the following :
desktop computer
laptop and netbook computer
tablet computers
personal digital assistance
programmable calculator
- these computers are capable of handling and processing very large amount of data quickly .

- mainframe are used in large institutions such as government, banks and large corporations.


- is focused on performing tasks involving intense numerical calculations such as weather forecasting nuclear stimulation, , theoretical astrophysics and scientific calculations.

- a computer that is at the front line of current processing, capacity particularly speed of calculations.

- Supercomputer are very expensive and not cost effective just to perform transaction processing.

- commonly used for scientific – engineering problem particularly in chemical industry and electric power plant . These deal with the continuously changing physical data such as pressure, temperature and current.

2. Digital Computer

- solve problem by performing calculations and dealing with each number digit by digit.

3. Hybrid Computer

- Contains elements both digital and analogue computers.

According to Purpose
1. General Purpose Computers

-these are designed to handle variety of a different problems and to meet different needs. A general purpose computer can be used for such varied applications as payroll account receivables, budgeting and sales analysis. Example : Personal Computers

2. Special Purpose Computers

- are designed to handle specific problem or to perform specific tasks with limited capabilities.

Example : computers used for collecting toll fee, airline reservation system , industrial process control and ATM.

- an electronic device that can receive a set of instruction or program and then carry out this program by performing calculation
or numerical data or by manipulating other forms of information.
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