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Timeline Prezume

The professional History of Terence Gardner

Terence Gardner

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Timeline Prezume

Terence Gardner
I am looking for a position within a company where I can teach people, drive a learning curriculum, achieve the highest level of software adoption possible and maximize revenue. I am never shy about sharing ideas and collaborating with other teams to help achieve this goal.
(512) 461 7595
Oakland, California

Then I sprouted...
May 1999 - June 2000
Senior Tech Support Representative
Feb 2012- Dec 2012
Implementation Manager
Dot Com Bubble...
Feb 2005 - Oct 2006
Graduated from Galt High School
Graduation Date:
This is where you come in!
Raphael Villa
At 17 years old, before graduating high school, I was hired to provide technical support for customers facing issues connecting to the internet. Being knowledgable of every possible operating system platform from Mac, Windows and Linux to handheld devices such as the palm pilot allowed me to excel in my job duties.

I really enjoyed the training program here, and realized then that I would like to pursue it as a career one day.
June, 1999

Oct 2002 - Feb 2005
Time for an industry change
into Healthcare!
The Professional History of
Terence Gardner
Special Skills:
Teaching & implementing computer software and generally being awesome.
Brewing Craft Beer/Cider, staying fit, and a 'Jack of All Trades'
Small beginnings...
Graphics Chipset Product Support
At the tender age of 18, my next gig allowed me to express my hardware and operating system knowledge to support Intel's integrated graphics chipsets. Specializing in all Windows and Linux platforms, I provided worldwide support through email and Intel's customer forums. This allowed me to greatly enhance my technical writing skills. Unfortunately, bad things were brewing in the tech world in 2001...
June 2000 - June 2001
Healthcare Related Positions
Level II Provider Rep
Level II Claims Analyst
Case Manager
October 2002 – September 2003
September 2003 – August 2004
August 2004 – February 2005
Software Trainer / Implementer
At last, I was able to put my technical, customer service skills and healthcare background together to obtain a position training and implementing medical software into practices around the United States. I was also responsible for creating their context-sensitive help system by using RoboHelp and HTML coding.
Implementation Specialist / Corporate Trainer
At e-MDs my career took many strides. I was trusted to write many of the how-to documents for the support and training team, develop a certification and testing program for the support department and was responsible for the clinical training classroom, where I would teach 16 doctors at a time. I also had the pleasure of presenting in front of large crowds (150+) at e-MDs annual user conference!
Oct 2006 - April 2009
Implementation Manager
At Lumeris I had more than a few firsts. I had the opportunity to work with my first true SAAS medical software solution. I also took on a different role, which included project management, taking the handoff from sales as well as the usual training and implementing of the software solution. I also had the opportunity to create how-to documentation and video content for the product.
April 2009 - Feb 2012
Implementation Specialist / Account Manager
Joanne Hyder (Imp. Manager Team Lead)
Joanne Hyder (Implementation Specialist)
To be honest, the single most riskiest career move I've made. I heard about a startup in San Francisco that was working on revolutionizing the mobile payments industry. I took the leap and boy was I in for an experience. 16 hour days, 30 days straight rolling out a mobile payments network that would serve the bustling restaurant scene in San Francisco. This experience would shape me as an entrepreneur, as I had the rare opportunity to help build a business from concept to reality in a short period of time.
Aaron Markel (Systems Engineer)
Dec 2012 to Present
Still with me? You deserve a medal for making it this far! Now this brings us to my current role with Bizmatics. I currently work with 30-40 customers of various sizes to implement our medical and billing software suite. I work closely with our sales department, development, equipment & data interface, backend engineering and QA teams during implementation phase to ensure full adoption of our software suite, while also upselling features when possible. Most recently I have been responsible for training new implementers and resellers who wish to start selling PrognoCIS on their own.
What was I thinking here?
Looking back, I really can't say...
Would You Like...
A dedicated worker, driven by the quality of his work and results for the company above all?

Someone who obsesses over the little details, for the benefit of everyone's learning?

An individual who is eager to improve and standardize processes and bring order to the chaos?

The employee who truly feels the dumbest questions are the ones never asked?
Are you a company that ...
Sees your employees ideas to be as valuable as the work they provide?

Is never scared to tackle the toughest problems first?

Stays on the cutting edge, because it's the only place to be?
If you've answered yes to these questions...
and my professional background piques your interest....
It would be my pleasure to speak with you more about this opportunity!
Thank you for your time!!!
Music by Josh Woodard
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