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Print/Copy TF 20 Nov 2012

No description

J Kosokoff

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Print/Copy TF 20 Nov 2012

Print/Copy TF Report
20 November 2012 New Performance Terms Public Equipment Changes Admin Copiers to Konica Current Contract LOC Cost Model (FY10-13) Same-day response for routine requests.
Replace equipment with repeated problems.
Built-in review points for performance, equipment, and technologies.
On-site storage of parts for routine maintenance.
Greater responsiveness to information security concerns.
Quarterly service reports for all devices.
No equipment that is over 5 years old. More printers, fewer copiers Copiers: Reduce from 24 to 13

Printers: Increase from 31 to 42

Total Devices: Reduce from 55 to 53 Startup Costs = $56,281
Ongoing Costs = $25,849
Server Refresh = $2,162
Total Cost = $82,130 Gross Revenue (24% commission) = $220,593 (est.)
Net Revenue = $138,463 (est.)

1% commission = $9,191 (est., gross)
1% commission = $5,769 (est., net) Two Konica Models BH 25 - Tabletop BH 363 - Standalone Costs - Move to Tufts Admin Device chargeback dependent on use
BH 25 <= $280/year/device
BH 363 <= $567/year/device
PLUS Paper (current use ~$850/year for all libraries combined)
Total 5-year cost likely to not exceed $30,000 (e.g., ~5.1% commission) Inventory and Options Moving from 13 to 10 total devices
Each location can specify device
Some differences in abilities/performance
BH363 is updated model of what most devices are now Discussion Questions Are we prepared to move library admin devices to Konica? 1. 2. Are we comfortable with new inventory and performance conditions for Conway? 3. If 'yes' to 2, would we be comfortable with revenue increase that, at a minimum, offsets new costs? Summary Recommendations
1. Adjust performance terms
2. Adjust public device inventory
3. Move admin copiers to Tufts IF Conway reduces commission If 'yes' to 2, are we also committed to use the Konica admin devices more heavily? 4.
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