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Subway Commercial

Subway eat fresh

Kyle Tomatoinator

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Subway Commercial

Media Literacy Subway Eat fresh Subway Eat Fresh Showed a video in a city in Italy. For a lot of people who want to go there this might make people think of Italy when they eat Subway.

It is an attractive dream for most people.
Therefore the sandwich must be great too.
Target audience is men because they show a scooter, meat sandwich and a pretty girl. Draws your attention to the commercial by adding a pretty girl.

If you add attractive it makes the product attractive. Sexuality Humor They added humor so it can be interesting and make you relate to the characters.
If you relate to the character you relate to the product. They added the sandwich in the video to show what their business makes.
They show you can eat fresh food at their store all the time.
They put in a lot of fresh vegetables to make it look fresher. Fresh food Subway Commercial Media Literacy Subway Sandwiches Visual appeal
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