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my first half term at BRGS

No description

Hollie Skillings

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of my first half term at BRGS

My first Half Term at High School Lunch time At lunch time I am on dinners and they are well nice! The only trouble is the queuing and if your at the back of the queue you get what ever is left, after dinner you can go outside or you could go in your form and have a chat. I normally stay inside. Friends The friends that I met are:

Hannah Rebecca
other Hannah Emily
Eva Evie
Kate Kirsty
Emma Lauren
Catlin Jess
Molly And many more..........
Regan Starting off It felt really weird staring high school, it seemed different and better than primary school. I soon met friends and that was one of my worries,that I would not make any friends. We did not get homework for a week but when we got some we got loads. The strangest thing was walking around between lessons and have twelve different teachers. Grandparents day Grandparents day was when every year 7 pupil got to invite their grandparents over to have a look around the school and to join in our lessons. My Nana came in the afternoon because I am low down in the register. We did the subjects music and science. In science all the grandparents took a quiz on the computer whilst we made a minute presentation about what we have done (cells and reproduction). Then we had a class quiz on two sides(our side won). Then in music we focused on one piece of music called 'arriba' we played it on the keyboard,drums and other south american instruments. My Favorite Subjects My favorite subjects are science, thinking and learning, phse and music. I like science because it is really interesting and we have a nice teacher. So far we have done cells,reproduction and we are now starting with Bunsen Burners. And in music we have bee working on our keyboard skills and pentotonic scales. Good and the Bad Good Bad
Vivos Homework
Friends Hard work
Lunch time waiting ages for lunch

by Hollie
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