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Laurie Johnston

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of TC4 PAPER 2

TC4 - walking mock

Exit Progress - SUMMARY:

Today in History we learnt that:

the USSR put missiles on Cuba as a result of US missiles in Turkey and the Berlin Wall
Kennedy was advised to attack Cuba by the 'Hawks'
Kennedy set up a naval blockade around Cuba
the crisis ended with the USA agreeing to remove Turkish missiles and a promise not to attack Cuba. The USSR agreed to remove missiles from Cuba
the crisis led to better relations but got Khrushchev the sack

Today we have learnt:
The Truman Doctrine was a promise to defend democracy against communism
The Marshall Plan gave massive aid to Europe ($13 billion)
Western European countries welcomed the Marshall Plan but Stalin would not allow the satellite states to take the money
The USSR blockaded West Berlin but the USA and UK airlifted supplies in
The USA kept its troops in Europe and NATO was formed
The US, UK and French zones of Germany became West Germany. The Soviet Zone became East Germany
Stalin created a military alliance called THE WARSAW PACT in 1955
SUMMARY: Today in history we learnt that:
the USA and USSR matched each other in making new and more powerful weapons
by the end of the 1950's both sides had ICBM's
The USSR and USA both had new leaders in the 1950's - Eisenhower for the USA and Khrushchev for the USSR - there was real hope for a better relationship
the uprising in Hungary was put down brutally by the USSR when Nagy threatened to leave the WARSAW PACT
The USA and the West were not prepared to come to the aid of Hungary
Khrushchev's position was now stronger and the West seemed weaker
Hungary made the situation more tense

Exit Progress - SUMMARY:

Today in History we learnt that:

Communist rule in Czechoslovakia was unpopular
Dubcek tried to reform communism 'Socialism with a human face'
Brezhnev warned him not to go too far with the reforms
Dubcek did not listen
Brezhnev ordered the Red Army in to Czechoslovakia
The Brezhnev Doctrine was issued
Communist parties in Western Europe were horrified as were Romania and Yugoslavia

8 x 1.5 = 12 minutes
8 x 1.5 = 12 minutes
16 x 1.5 = 24 minutes
but really it is 2 8 mark
q's 12 minutes per q
12 minutes
12 minutes
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