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The African Front

erin and jenna's history project...

JennErin PeteMark

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The African Front

tHE AFRICAN FRONT BY JENN AND ERIN 4th hour history with mr. bruns Libya Egypt Algeria Tunisia Morocco Allies vs. axis powers 1941 june 10- The fighting in north africa started
with the italian declaration of war. Erwin rommel bernard Montgomery Dwight Eisenhower Rodolfo graziani Claude Auchinleck Marie-Pierre Koenig Harold Alexander William Gott Mark Clark Francois Darlan Alphonse Juin Lloyd Fredendall Pietro Badoglio Hans-Jurgin von Arnim Ugo Cavellaro Albert Kesselring George Patton June 15- June 17, First Battle of Fort Capuzzo June 17, Battle of Girba September, Second Battle of Fort Capuzzo December 8-February 9, Operation Compass January 3-5: First Battle of Bardia
January 9-26: First Battle of Tobruk
January 24-26: Battle of Derna
February 5: Fall of Benghazi
February 5-7: Battle of Beda Fomm
February 9: Operation Compass Ends Rommel's First Offensive March 21-23: Battle of the Oasis
March 24: First Battle of El Agheila
April 6-8: Battle of Mechili
April 10 - November 27: Siege of Tobruk
April 12: Second Battle of Bardia
April 12: First Battle of Sollum
April 12: Fourth Battle of Fort Capuzzo
April 30: First Battle of Halfaya Pass Operation Skorpion Operation Battleaxe Operation Crusader Rommel's Second Offensive Battle of Alam el Halfa Eighth Army Offensive Tunisia Campaign Tunisian Campaign Continued.. Battle of Kasserine Pass
Battle of Sidi Bou Zid
Operation Capri
Operation Pugilist
Battle of El Guettar
Operation Vulcan
The allied powers came out successful
in the african campaign. Free French
16,000+ killed, wounded, captured, or missing

British Empire
50,000+ killed, wounded, captured, or missing

United States
2,715 killed
8,978 wounded
6,528 missing

12,808 killed
309,784 captured

22,341 killed and missing

1940 1941 1942 1943 Operation Brevity bATTLE OF gAZALA First Battle of El Alamein JUNE 10, 1940-MAY 16, 1943 Operation Torch
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