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Who runs the government and makes most decisions?

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Madison Higdon

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Who runs the government and makes most decisions?

What are the major points of this type of government?
Everyone gets to be involved with the government.
Everyone has a right to work with the government.
Everyone can be involved with the government no matter what what there religion, sex, or race.
What roles to do the citizens play?
They get to vote for the government officials
The right to work for the government
The ability to help make laws.
How do those in power get in power?
The president of the United States is voted into power and they got to
stay in power for 4 years.

What is it like for people living under this government?
Everyone gets treated equally
Everyone gets to vote on things.
Everyone's opinions matter.

What rights do people have?
Freedom of religion.
The right to have privacy.
The right not to be treated in a cruel way.
The right to get a education.
Who runs the government and makes most decisions?
The United States has a form of
democracy and the president makes
most decisions but the people vote
for on who gets to be president. The US
also has congress who votes on laws
and bills. These groups are balanced by
a group of judges called the Supreme Court.

Are there rules that everyone needs to obey, Even the leaders?

Yes, one of the rules is no ruler can't tell a judge how to decide a case.
Another rule is that people can not judge people by there race, gender, or religion.
The rules in the US are set by two documents: The Constitution & Bill of Rights
Is there a specific type of economy that is usually with this government?
Yes. Usually Capitalism which allows people to open businesses, and make a profit from it.
Which country's have this type of government and were they successful?
United states (Yes)
European Union (Yes)
Japan (Yes)
Canada (Yes)
What is Democracy?

Democracy is a government that lets citizens vote for different decisions. They also let everybody have their own opinion.
Democracy is a opinion because some people think it is successful and some think its not. I think though these country's are successful.
By: Madison Higdon
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