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Ch. 11 & 12: Task Groups

No description

Julie DeFalco

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Ch. 11 & 12: Task Groups

Specialized Method: Brainstorming
(pp. 365-368)
Specialized Method:
Nominal Group Technique (NGT)
(p. 372-375)
Ch. 11 & 12: Task Groups
Foundation Methods
(p. 334)
Preparing for group meetings
Sharing info, thoughts & feelings
Involving members & encouraging feelings of commitment
Facilitating fact finding
Dealing w/conflict
Making effective decisions
Understanding political ramifications
Monitoring & evaluating
Problem solving
Freewheeling - say whatever comes to mind, no matter how "crazy"
No criticism during idea generation
Quantity (will lead to at least one quality idea)
Hitchhiking - Combining, rearranging & improving ideas
Reverse Brainstorming - What might go wrong?
Develop statement of problem
Round robin - record ideas
Serial discussion - clarify ideas
Order ideas by importance
Rank in order of priority
Discuss ranked ideas
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