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The Shape of Things

No description

Sandra Merritt

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things
Neil LaBute
Born March 19, 1963
Studied Theater and Film at Brigham Young University
Graduate Work at University of Kansas, New York University and Royal Academy of London
Film director, screenwriter, and playwright
The Shape of Things
Written and directed in 2001
Premiered in London at the Almeida Theatre on May 24, 2001
Starred Paul Rudd and Rachel Weisz
Turned into a film in 2003 with original cast and director in America
Subsequently produced in New York at the Promenade Theater
10 acts total
Language-oriented, terse, rythmic, and highly colloquial
Similar to favorite playwright David Momet
Themes: gender relations, political correctness, and masculinity
Cynical and self-absorbed characters
Portrays the ugly side of human nature
Cruel and viscious battle of the sexes
Men are usually unlikeable misogynists
Women are usually vixens or victims
New York Film Critics Award for Best First Film in 1997
Filmakers Trophy at Sundance Film Festival in 1997
Society of Texas Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay in 1997
Independant Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay in 1998
Nominated for Tony Award in 2009
Many other awards as well
Written by Neil LeBute
Located at a liberal arts college in a midwestern town
Current era
Adam Sorenson
- protagonist, literature major, security guard at museum (also works at movie store)
- antagonist, aspiring graduate art major
- ("Phil") Adam's good friend, Jenny's fiance
- Adam's long-time friend, Phillip's fiance
Begins in a museum
Evelyn is looking at the exhibit and jumps over the rope with a spray paint can
Adam intervenes
They talk about the sculpture and why she wants to deface the sculpture
she eventually spray paints her number on the inside of his jacket
Adam leaves
Scene ends with the rattle of Evelyn's spray paint can
Act 1
Act 2
Near future on an auditorium patio
Adam and Evelyn are now dating
Waiting to get tickets
Phillip and Jenny arrive and comment on Adam's new look
Scene ends as they go into the auditorium
Takes place in Phil and Jenny's living room
Talk about Adam and Jenny's past
Phil mentions the incident at the museum
Evelyn says its a "statement" of art while Phil calls it pornography/vandalism
Phil and Evelyn get into a heated argument
Adam and Evelyn leave Phil and Jenny sitting in silence
Act 3
Act 4
bedroom scene, Adam & Evelyn are in bed with a tripod camera
Evelyn is sweet talking to Adam about their "relationship" as well as how she hates Phil for his remarks about the sculpture
scene ends with Evelyn starting to "slip under the covers"
Act 5
Jenny and Adam meet in a park to talk
talk about Jenny's distrust for Phil - thinks he's seeing another girl (admits shes probably just being stupid)
she realizes that Adam is becoming more and more attractive than he ever was before
Jenny kisses him on the cheek, then they intensely kiss each other
they agree not to tell anyone, but then decide that they have to "bury this" down on the nearby beach
Act 6
Adam and Evelyn are sitting in a doctor's lounge talking about his nose
she convinces Adam to get a nose job so he'll look more attractive
Act 7
Adam's nose is bandaged up
Adam and Phil are conversating outside between classes about his nose - Adam lies and says he fell and hit his nose
Phil tells Adam that Evelyn told him that he did indeed have an operation
Phil then tells Adam that he knows that Adam and Jenny kissed (but he doesn't know what happened on the beach)
Adam fesses up to the fact that he did this
Phil then realizes that Adam has a new coat, he scrutinizes Adam by saying that Evelyn is changing him and they go their separate ways - lots of tension
Act 8
Evelyn, Jenny, and Adam are at a coffee shop
Evelyn reveals that she knows everything about Adam and Jenny's encounter
Evelyn reveals that she kissed Phil to get even
Adam and Evelyn argue and Evelyn gives him an ultimatum
Adam chooses her (she keeps gaining power)
Act 9
in an auditorium during finals week - Evelyn is about to present her graduate project
Phil & Adam talk for the first time in a long time
Phil says that Jenny broke up with him
Evelyn starts her presentation on the stage and reveals her "project" (picture of old Adam)
Evelyn tells the crowd that she was proposed to 2 weeks ago and that she cannot accept the proposal (Adam)
Evelyn explains everything that she did to sculpt her project (Adam) and says that she changed him "using only manipulation as my palette knife"
She also mentions that she does not regret doing this
Act 10
takes place in the exhibition gallery with her videos, pictures, etc of Adam
Adam approaches Evelyn and lays it on her
- how messed up she is
- explains that this is not art
- explains his frustrations (lots of cussing)
It seems that Evelyn was about to admit that she actually has feelings for Adam, but then she walks out of the gallery without finishing
The End!
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