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Copy of Deep Down Popular

No description

Sarah Warnicker

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Deep Down Popular

Deep Down Popular Jessie Lou Ferguson Jessie Lou is definitely a tom-boy. She loves to be outside and running around. She cut her hair to the very shortest. Jessie, the tom-boy is constantly compared to her perfect, beauty queen sister- Melinda. On an abandoned back porch of an old house- Jessie is a writer. She expresses herself through poems. Ever since the beginning of time, Jessie has had a massive crush and love for Conrad Parker Smith- a cute, sixth grade soccer star who is the most popular boy in school. Jessie has always loved him, but has never even talked to him. Until.... Conrad hurts his leg and Jessie is chosen to help walk him home. Conrad Parker Smith Conrad Parker Smith is the most cute, best soccer player, and most popular sixth grader in his small, southern town. He knows Jessie used to hide behind bushes and wait for him to come by, pop up, and kiss him on the cheek. He knows that everybody- boy or girl would give up their spot in the lunch line for him and everybody valued his opinion. But he also knows that he hurt his leg during soccer, and now Jessie Lou Ferguson has to help him home. Granddaddy Granddaddy is the grandfather of Jessie Lou and Melinda. Granddaddy hates the idea of the new mall that is being built. Everyday he takes his binoculars and spies on the building of the mall. The hardware store- Bailey's Hardware (owned by Fred and Frank Bailey), down the street is enough to satisfy him. Although wise and at times, negative- Grandaddy plays the main fatherly figure in Jessie Lou's life. Melinda Jessie Lou's older sister Melinda is quite literally- the opposite of Jessie Lou. Her curls need to be perfectly placed and her nails perfectly painted. She is Granddaddy's perfect little angel. Really- everything about Melinda is angelic and perfect. THE BIKE SCENE Conrad's bike has stayed at the school since he hurt his leg- he can't ride his bike with a leg brace on. So, along with just helping him home, Jessie has to walk his bike back. With no words said yet, Jessie just keeps pushing the bike onward. Soon enough, Conrad decides to take over and begins to walk the bike himself. After only a minute, Conrad shoves the bike into the flowing river. Alarmed, Jessie's first reaction is to get the bike. "My feet slip off a slimy rock underneath and I fall forward up to my chin, but I know this old river. I swim in it every chance I get."(Stone29) Jessie swoops in and saves the books from the basket of the bike. She holds the books high above her head- away from the water. The Old House An old, abandoned house, lying in the fields. That's where Conrad, Quentin and Jessie Lou travel to solve the mystery of the mysterious soda cans and playing cards that were found lying on the table- where they hadn't been the night before. All three peer into closets and snake through doors to see what they can discover. Thunk. Everybody freezes in their paths. "Quick," says Conrad. "Under the bed!" Quickly they roll under the bed. No one makes a sound. Clack! Thump! Shuffle! The always moving Quentin cannot remain still. It seems impossible that the 9 year old, Quentin could actually be still and be silent. Lying there, Jessie wishes she could be closer to her crush- instead of Quentin. Little eyes sneak into the darkness and out the window. Nobody was there. Had they been hiding under the bed for nothing? No- Tiny Bailey was there. His gigantic feet squished the grass and Jessie Lou knew that they were not the only ones there. "Now I'm inside looking out at the old maple tree in the front yard, at the windy fields across the road. It looks so different being inside looking out instead of outside looking in. It's a whole new view of everything."(Stone147) I think this symbolizes that now, Jessie sees everything from a different view. She knows that Conrad really is nice, sweet, and deep down popular. Jessie now knows what it's like to have great friends and a great family. She sees the world and everything else from a different view. THE BEAUTY PAGEANT Rain pours from the dark clouds ahead. Boom! Boom! Thunder roars and lightning strikes the soaked ground. Melinda is dressed up in her beautiful, delicate pageant dress. "It's like a soft pink floating rose, gauzy like angel wings. The room smells sweet and smoky of freshly ironed fabric, pressed perfectly." (Stone164) Melinda and her family are forced to take Grandaddy's old car. According to Grandaddy- that old car runs like a top. Splish splashing through the mud, the car slows to a stop and appears to be sinking. Water flows through the doors as everyone struggles onto dry land. Melinda cries and Grandaddy scoops her delicate body up and holds an umbrella over her head. After what seems like a thousand years, somebody comes to the rescue and gives them a ride to the county fair- where the pageant is being held. Rushing to the bathroom, Mama scrubs away the mud from Melinda's freshly polished shoes while she stands under the hand dryer to dry her hair and dress. Everyone thought Melinda had the whole contest in the bag. Sitting in the audience, Jessie watched Melinda on stage. She seems so small, like an ant in a crowd of elephants. Her hair and makeup doesn't seem as perfect as the other people competing. Grandaddy says Melinda doesn't have a chance against the others because if they know the judges, the judges have to vote for them. "Well, I'll tell you something, if you're friends with one of the judges, that's how you win." (Stone181) Doesn't matter who's the prettiest. Doesn't matter at all. And Grandaddy was right. The crown wasn't placed on Melinda's head- oh no. Even though it should have been Melinda's, the crown went to Stacey Pratt. Sixth grade graduation dance Conrad had his surgery. His leg is back to normal... and so is everything else. Conrad popularity is at its greatest, everybody loves him and Jessie feels betrayed and sad. She was expecting this though. Sitting on her bed, gazing out the window, she hears her mom calling for her. Somebody was waiting- some boy was waiting on the front step with a bag of candy. Jessie looks down and Conrad is waiting for her- all dressed nice with his mom waiting in the car on the driveway. Stunned, Jessie yells back at her mother, "But I have nothing to wear!" She desperately stared into the hallway at Melinda laying on her bed, singing her favorite song to herself. Melinda invites Jessie Lou over and lends her a dress. "Melinda goes over to her closet and pulls out a pale purple-colored layered fluffy dancing dress with hundreds of little buttons up the back." (Stone248) She climbs into the car with Conrad as her escort. They laugh and talk like any good friends would. Once they arrive, they see the room is decorated with red, white and blue. Quentin serves them beverages and kind of spies on them. Some slow songs are played and some fast songs are played. The night flies by and most of it is a blur. After all, Jessie and Conrad really bonded and had an amazing time together. TULIPS After Fred and Frank Bailey's hardware closed down, Jessie Lou and Conrad were walking by the stores and walked through the shop for the last time. Almost everything was already packed away except for bins of tulip bulbs. at least 5,000 were left. Fred Bailey assured both Jessie and Conrad that the tulips were old and dry and would never grow. The couple took every single tulip bulb. Quentin, Conrad, and Jessie Lou found a field by the old house and planted each and every bulb. They had fun digging a hole and planting each one. All three soon forgot all about the tulips. A year later, after seventh grade was done and gone, Jessie and Conrad decided to take a different road home. They walked past the old house. The field was alive with colors. Every single bulb was alive and awake with color and life. I think the flowers represent Jessie's new life. Before, her life was mostly dark and cloudy. Then Conrad came along and saw she really was deep down popular. Her whole life bloomed and became colorful. THEME Expect the unexpected. Almost every event in the story was unexpected- Conrad broke his leg, Jessie was chosen to help him home, the old house was Fred and Frank Bailey's, Conrad was still Jessie's friend after surgery, he asked her to the dance, the tulips bloomed and so on. Also, take advantage of what you have while you have it. An example would be Granddaddy, Jessie often thinks about when he will die. Conrad could have lost his leg. What you can learn from this story is: to expect the unexpected and be grateful and enjoy what you have while you have it. Sydney Swenhaugen
Block Two
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