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Ecosystems: Everything is Connected

Here is a wonderful Prezi about chapter 4 section 1 in the Environmental Science Textbook. Please enjoy!

Alexa B.

on 23 December 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystems: Everything is Connected

Ecosystems: Everything is Connected It all started with the biosphere... I contain all ecosystems! ECOSYSTEMS
Biotic: living components Abiotic: Nonliving components Community and its nonliving surroundings Organisms living in an area together with their physical environment... AIR MINERAL NUTRIENTS CARBON DIOXIDE WATER OXYGEN LIVING ORGANISMS Community: Populations that live together in a defined area... characterized by the plants in the region! In the jungle.... Species group of organisms that mate to create offspring Population: Group of an organism of one type that live together in the same area! rganism INDIVIDUAL LIVING THING Groups of cells tissues, organs, organ systems Cells smallest functional unit of life
Molecules groups of atoms HABITATS place where organisms live
specific factors that allow life
try to adapt
factors can change the habitat Ecosystems are... Organisms live as populations of one species in communities with other species. REVIEW
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