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No description

Tara Henderson

on 31 January 2018

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Transcript of StarFish

Where Do They Live?
Starfish Mostly live in the ocean. Some of them live in the aquarium. Starfish live in big groups called echinoderms. If they live in the ocean then they would usually just lay in the seaweed as protection. They can also blend into the sand or the seaweed depending on what goes through their mind first. Some of them make a den underneath the sand or a ledge of a rock. Some of the starfish live in the Indian and Pacific ocean. Starfish live in shallow water.
What Do They Eat?
Starfish primarily eat mollusks, but they also eat clams, oysters, and sometimes sand dollars, starfish also eat shrimp and mussels. Also starfish are carnivore's. Starfish are slow-moving and so are their prey, which actually make them really good predators.
Hey it's Grace and the animal that I chose to do my project on is... a starfish because nobody really knows facts about starfish. Besides I already knew stuff about the starfish I just wanted to know more about them. So I hope you enjoy my prezi!
Well a starfish can't really lose much because it only has... arms/legs. If you chop off a starfish's leg/arm then it will grow back, or... if a starfish gets it's leg/arm stuck in between a rock and it breaks off it will grow back! It takes about a day for starfish to regrow their arms/legs. Starfish have these discs in their arms/legs and if you chop it off then for the arm/leg to grow back it needs the disc to fully heal and that way the starfish can have it's arm/leg back!
How Do Starfish Eat?
Well, when starfish catch clams and oysters they pry the shells open and push their stomach's out of their mouth's and eat it. ( I think like that's the coolest feature for them). When starfish are in the water it's easier to find their food then on land.
What If A Starfish loses A Body Part?
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