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Responsible Refills

Sami Birch

sami birch

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Responsible Refills

Responsible Refills is dedicated to reducing the consumption and waste of disposable plastic water bottles by providing customers with quality water options at a fair price. MISSION STATEMENT
By 2015, Responsible Refills will be a nationally recognized green business. We will strive to be number one in on-the-go water sales for the nation, while fueling a movement of reducing water bottle usage and waste. We will be partnering with major beverage companies to provide a larger variety of refill options, such as sports drinks and juices. VISION STATEMENT
Responsible Refills is a refillable drinking water station. Customers can purchase quality water for a more reasonable price than buying disposable plastic bottled water. The kiosk will be a vending machine designed for only the most sanitary water dispensing. We will offer flavored water and electrolyte enhanced water options for a slightly higher cost than pure water. Kiosks will be set up in universities, malls, and the like. We will provide only the most pure water - which will be a better alternative to both tap and disposable bottled water. Our water will be priced per ounce . Customers can pay with cash or credit/debit card. PRODUCT CONCEPT target market
milestones/next steps Complete the design for the purified water kiosk
Designing every nook and cranny will allow me to weed out any problems from the get-go
Set up a series of trial kiosks in highly trafficked public places.
This will allow me to further research my market and see how the product does without making too big of a risk
(as I would tossing myself into an entire line of kiosks) 1 2 MARKET RESEARCh
1.Demographics question – requesting gender and age range: Top two answers: Female Aged 20-30 years
Males aged 20-30 years

2.Why do you buy bottled water?Top Answer: Convenience (60%)
Second ranking answer: I prefer the taste to tap (22%)

3.Do you buy multipacks for your house?Top Answer: Yes (59%)

4.Do you recycle your bottles?Top Answer: Yes (49%)
Second in rank: When I remember to (26%)

5.If there were a kiosk offering pure water for a cheap price,
would you purchase a reusable water bottle and use the service?Top Answer: Yes (83%)
*Some people commented that they have filtered water at home such as Brita so they would not be interested in the service.

6.Assuming you have already purchased a reusable water bottle
how much are you willing to pay for a water refill? Top Answer: $0.00-$0.50 for pure water and $0.50-$1.00 for flavored (54.7%)

7. If you were to use the kiosk service, how would you prefer to pay for your refills?
Top Answer: Vending machine fitted for sanitary dispensing - cash paid (51%)

8.Where would you be most likely to use this service? Top Answer: On a school campus (56.6%)
Second in rank: At malls and grocery stores
Survey Questions and Results Focus Group Results Water drinkers, ages 10-50 who want to improve the environment. They will be generally middle to upper class as to have discretionary income to spend on water besides what they get in the home. In my focus group, people noted that they buy bottled water for the cool look of the bottles, for example Fiji water and Smart Water. One person in my focus group noted to me that although the service is a good one, I will still always be fighting the convenience of being able to just grab a bottle that’s already full of water and ready to go. competition Bottled water companies
Bottled beverage companies
City water providers any questions? www.h2o2go.com
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