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Copy of RBOOT


Tom Carnevale

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of RBOOT

USA based manufacturer of multi-megapixel surveillance
cameras for the IP Video Surveillance Industry.
What we believe
Who is Sentry360?
Founded in 2004
Integration Partnership with 30+
NVR/VMS/Analytic/Storage Partners
Single Sensor / Single Lens Philosophy
Multiple Views you can PTZ In live or Playback
Application-Driven Product Line
2-14 Megapixel Options
360° & 180° Panoramic
Multiple Different Form Factors
Competitive Price Point
The World of Megapixel through our field-of-view
Capturing License Plates
Zooming Without Sacrificing Field of View
The World of Megapixel through our Field-of-View
Features & Highlights
Forensic Detail
High Resolution 5, 10, and 14 Megapixel
Compact Design
True Day/Night Capabilities
Features & Highlights
High Megapixel with Low Light Quality
4 & 8 Megapixel Models
In-Camera Correction Through Onvif
180° Full Panoramic
Features & Highlights
Wide Field of View Allows for Reduction of Camera
On-Board Storage up to 64GB
Built-In IR Illumination
Board Mount Wide Angle Lens.
IK10 Rated Vandal Dome. 3-9mm Motorized Lens
4x Simultaneous H.264 Streams
Wide-Dynmaic-Range on CMOS sensor
4x Alarm Inputs/Outputs
Auto-Focus and Remote Auto Focus
2 to 14 Megapixel Resolution
18x Remote Optical Zoom (LPR)
Mechanical IR Cut Filter
Outdoor Enclosures Designed to Maintain Resolution
Maximum 4 Watts of Power
2.0MP 20x Optical PTZ
4 & 8 Megapixel Options
Designed for Wall Mount Applications
Single Sensor Single Lens
In-Camera Correction
Onvif Compliant
Small Compact Design
On-Board Storage
Mechanical-IR Cut Filter
3, 5 & 10 Megapixel 360° Options
4x simultaneous H.264 Streams
IP66 Rated Outdoor Housing
Ceiling Mounted
Variety of Accessories
Mechanical-IR Cut Filter
30+ VMS/NVR Supported 360 SDK
Designed for the 4-32 channel Market
sentryCore VMS Software
Remote Client
Multiple Display Settings
Dewarping in Live and Playback
On-Screen PTZ & Digital Zoom
Easy To Use and Setup
Free with the use of Sentry360 Cameras
Provides Full Situational Awareness
Reduction of Blind Spots
FullSight 360° Series
Outdoor Mounting Capabilities
InSight Dome Series
InSight Professional Series
Maintains Color in Low Light Scenes
FullSight 180° Series
Features & Highlights
2 Megapixel HD Resolution
Auto-Focus and remote Optical Zoom
IP67 Rated
InSight Bullet Series
3-9mm Vari-Focal Zoom Lens
Built-In IR LED
Audio Input/Output
30 Frames Per Second
2 Megapixel HD Resolution
On-Board Storage
Auto-Focus and Remote Optical Zoom
Introducing the IS-IP14K
On-Board Storage
Omni-Directional View
Panoramic Imaging Without Stitching Together Images
3rd Party Integration Using Sentry360's SDK
Highest Resolution Available on Fisheye Panoramic Cameras
Versatile Mounting Options
Features & Highlights
Industry's First Camera Configuration Tool
Scan For All Sentry360 Cameras Connected to the Network
Automatically Configure Up to 250 Cameras In Less Than Five Minutes
Allows The Installer to Configure IP Address, Username, Password, Batch Update Firmware and More!
Reduce the Amount of Time Spent Logging into Each Camera Individually
Simple, Installer Friendly Interface
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