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Measures of Central Tendency

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on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Central Tendency
Real Life Example
& Video
Our data collection is meaningful because it shows how many hours of sleep a period 5 honors algebra student gets on a school night.

Also, it can lead to other surveys based on sleep.
For example, how the amount of sleep a student gets affects their tests scores.
What is a measure of central tendency?
It is a set of numbers used to represent a set of data (mean, median, and mode).

Someone would want to use a measure of central tendency if they want a short summary of the data.
When do you use it?
Use measures of central tendency when you have
numerical data
, and when you want a short summary for a set of data.
Data Collection
Population- Period 5 Honors Algebra Class

Mean- 7.525

Median- 7.5

Mode- 7
Why Use Numerical Data?
Use numerical data because the mean, median, and mode are numbers. Also, the numbers are not under more than one specific category.
By: Peri Newman, Emma Lawrie, Lauren Prusacki, and Lexi Laconi
What would happen to the mode if you added another 9 hours collected?
A. The mode would stay the same
B. The mode would change
A. The mode would stay the same.
Advantages of Using Measures of Central Tendency
A summary of a whole set of data.
Easy to read and comprehend because it is not busy or complicated.
Disadvantages of Using Measures of Central Tendency
Limited use for statistics.
Cannot be used for categorical data.
Works Cited
Windows Live Movie Maker

Data Collection
Mean- 6.17
Median- 4
Mode- 3
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