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Daemon Software Ltd

No description

Preetha Devdas

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Daemon Software Ltd

Daemon Software Ltd

Induction Program

Performance Management System
Policies Overview - Supervisors
Employees are mapped to one supervisor*

Supervisor is your guide/career mentor/appraiser
Grievance/Issues/Feedback - report to your supervisor

If not addressed, report to HRD
Policies Overview - Key Result Areas
Key Result Areas
Core Technical Competencies
Baseline expectations of every Daemon employee & functional areas of expertise that are generally tie to values & behavioral skills and are combined in a meaningful way for delivering project work.
Daemon Values & Behavioral skills–
The illustrative examples that describe what it means to be at each level of a skill. PIs provide sample points of contrast between the various levels and reflect what it looks like to be established at “cruising altitude", or status quo, in that skill.
Individual Contribution
Are apart from the core deliverables which makes up 90% of the KRAs, company contribution which may have direct impact on the company's revenue has significant importance and makes a difference in a rapidly growing company, and is part of the KRA of every employee at Daemon.
Core Technical competencies- 70%
Daemon Values & Behavioral skills - 20%
Individual Contribution– 10%
Policies Overview - Rating Scale
Policies Overview - Appraisals
Policies Overview - Appraisal
Office Timings:
9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
1:30 - 2:00 PM Lunch Break
Saturdays/Sundays - Holidays*
Beyond 9:45 AM - Supervisor permission reqd.
Late by half an hour- half day leave.
Policies Overview - Office Timings
Business Casual – Men/Women

Strict NO to
•Round neck T shirts; Shirts without collar
•Shorts, Casual pants
•Footwear like slippers, sandals, Slip-ons. Tie will be required for important meetings with clients.
Policies Overview - Dress Code
Policies Overview - Leave
Policies Overview - Others
Project Allowances
Compensatory Offs
Leave application
Internet policy

Policies Overview - NDA/Secrecy
Non disclosure of confidential information outside Daemon.
Confidentiality is important to us and our customers.

In view of above, Each employee signs a “Non Disclosure Agreement” (NDA) when they accept employment at Daemon.
Functional Team - Contact Info
Thank you, Welcome aboard!
Daemon Software, The solutions people
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