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Media's Impact on Juvenile Delinquency

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Jalisse Smith

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Media's Impact on Juvenile Delinquency

Media Influence on Juvenile Delinquency
aracters become drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, strippers, etc.
-More so about what is being

-See pictures in magazines such as the
Source Magazine
as well as

-Want to be the celebrities on the covers with the pretty woman & large amounts of cash
-Don’t usually take a look at the
of certain articles & what is being said within them

-What captures the youth is there
that they see on these covers

-Cause them to go out & commit delinquent behavior just to get whatever they want

Main source

that influence delinquent behavior
-Due to the graphic details & specific actions authors posses characters to commit
Urban novels
-Sex Chronicles by Zane
-The Game Chose Me by Ebony Stromen
-Created to
arouse the reader

& give them ideas of what's being taken place in the book
-See it as a reality
ildren as young as ages
11 & 12
access these books
-Want to
mimic the behavior
of the character within the novel
-Main characters start of with
in there lives from domestic violence issues, poverty & loss of family due to
ragic street violence
-Children think this is positive outlook because of the money that they gain

-Eventually go out to change their lives in the same way because there issues are similar to that of the characters within the books they read
ant to become big shot celebrities

-Cover of XXL that Rick Ross Rules The game

-What kid wouldn't want to
Be in his position?

-They see these people & want

to live there lifestyles

-1980s & 1990s: the loudest & mo
st re
bellious forms of rock, African Ameri
music was labeled by adults as “problem” music & perceived as promoting violence, substance use, promiscuous sex, blasphemy, & depression
-Public believed that engaging in “deviant” media will inevitably lead to problem behavior
-Social scientific research that’s uncover
associations between media use,
cularly music listening & music
The Connect of Music
& Juveniles
-80% to 90% of adolescents aged 12 to 18 years

-Music is an important medium that enhances their mood
helps them cope with problems & develop social identity

-Music occupies a significant place in adolescence

-Portrays society & brings satisfaction to some of adolescents’
social & emotional needs

-Music listening often represents their most popular & pleasurable activity

-Fascination for music in adolescence frequently leads to the formation of
r groups who share—as common denominator— preference for specific musical styles

-Social phenomenon: referred to as musical
bcultures that provide adolescents with an alternative cultural
identity, values, & convictions
What causes music to have a negative effect on juvenile delinquents?
-During adolescence, young people develop a more autonomous position in relation to their parents during the ages of 14 &15
-Become more dependent on friends & peers in cliques & crowds
-Researches believe that not all genres of music have a negative effective on Juvenile delinquents except for two, which are Rap music and Heavy Rock music
-Misogynistic ( to dislike, hatred or mistreatment women) lyrics lead to disrespect of women and acceptance of domestic violence
-Juvenile delinquency rates that have gone down in other areas, have remained relatively constant for assault

Researchers findings by Hansen & Hansen...
Lennings & Warburton
Hansen & Hansen
have found that “Adolescents in the United States listen to music between 2 and 3 hours daily on average
-“Exposure to violent lyrics or music videos can have a direct effect on externalizing behaviors in the short run.”
-“Such exposure fosters hostility & aggressive thoughts & feelings”
Lennings & Warburton:
violent music lyrics rather than violent visual media are more likely to elicit violenceJe
Jeffrey Arnett & Keith Roe:
“adolescents consume the type of media that fits their personality and social context, that is, those who are at odds with their parents & teachers & are inclined to sensation seeking, disinhibition, & substance use, gravitate toward media reflecting these particular characteristics.”

Researchers findings
Researchers have agreed that depending on the juveniles up bringing certain music can act as catalyst to deviant lifestyles. But concluded that more research has to be done to definitely connect it to juvenile delinquency.

Books & Magazines
The beginning
of deviant music...
sic V
usic videos are
appealing to children & adolescents

-Mix of 2 forms of media that attract youth (television & popular music)

-Important to study the effects on young people &
e messages these music videos promote
-Concept videos: tell the viewer a story that may or may not evolve around from the song
-Performance videos: artist or group filmed during a performance (concert)
-Add content to the lyrics & provide a particular interpretation that is reinforced every time the viewers hears the song
(Council of Communications on Media, 2009)
Prevalence of Music Video Watching in the U.S & Europe
Study of 100 fourth to sixth graders
-75%: watched music videos
-62%: "most days" or "every day"
-7%: before going to school

Study of 16 to 24 year olds
-3 of 4 watch MTV
-58% watch it at least once a week
-20% watch it for an hour or more a day
(Kaiser Family Foundation, 2003)

Study of 12 to 15 year olds
-watch music videos on average 4.3 days a week
eo Ga
-Strong connection
between violent video games & youth violence & delinquency
-Study: level of video game exposure for 227 juvenile offenders in Pennsylvania


offender had committed nearly
serious acts of violence, such as gang fighting, hitting a parent or attacking another person in the prior year (Youth Violence & Juvenile Justice, 2013)
of play &
for violent games were strongly associated with delinquent & violent behavior
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