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Business Intelligence Basics

Using BI to Improve Profitability and Competitive Advantage

Rob Pierce

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of Business Intelligence Basics

DM2 SalesDet Extract
Sample SalesDet Queries
How do I get SalesDet?
What is in BI Part 2?

What is BI?
BI Tool vs. BI Solution
BI Tools
BI Perspectives
Datawarehouse Concept

Business Intelligence
What's the Point?
What's The Point?
Why Should I Care?
The Promise of ERP (done right)

Improve Profitability and Competitive Advantage
Lower Costs
Improve Revenue
Better Info - Better Decisions
Quicker Info - Quicker Decisions
BI is a critical component of meeting
the promise of ERP done right!

Yet only 28% of companies use
BI in any meaningful way.

Acronyms and BI Jargon

Automation (Speed)
Internal Integration
Xfunctional, Vertical
External Integration
Peripreal Systems
Controls (Accuracy)
Exception Mgt
Balance Points
BI (Visibility)

BI - Business Intelligence
ROI - Return on Invenstment
CSF - Critical Success Factors
KPQ - Key Performance Questions
KPI - Key Performance Indicators
ETL - Extract, Transform, Load
IPO - Input, Process, Output
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning system
(your DM2/MAS software) aka "Back Office"
CRM - Customer Relationship Management software aka "Front Office"
OLAP - On line Analytical Processing
BPR - Business Process Reengineering
SQL - Structured Query Language
XLS - Excel worksheet, table, chart
GP/GM - Gross Profit, Gross Margin
CPG - Cents per Gallon
Performance Mgt -
measuring actual performance against a planned goal
Sage MAS Intelligence - the new Excel based financial and non financial reporting tool from Sage. Fancy "in memory analytic engine." Next generation technology for advanced Financial and Balanced Score Card reporting.
BI Basics Agenda
"Solution" presupposes a "Problem"
What questions are you trying to answer?
What problems are you trying to solve?
What actions are you trying to support?
Components of a "BI Solution"
1st People
("Who" - people solve problems)
2nd Tools
"Which" technologies do people use to solve the problems
3rd Process
("How and When" people use tools and take actions to solve problems)
What is BI?
Standard Definitions
"Using information to make better decisions."
"Using information to improve the business."
"Improving" means making corrective actions.
People make corrective actions - not machines.

What information empowers people
to make better and quicker corrective actions?
BI Tools vs. BI Solutions
BI Perspectives
What Happened?
Analysis and Reporting
Planning & Forecasting
What is Happening
Why is it Happening?
What do I want to Happen?
What will Happen?
DM2 SalesDet "E T L" Utility
Extracts Sales History and Masterfile information from MAS ERP
Transforms into a easy-to-use "flattened" table
Loads into SQL Datawarehouse (automatically at night)
User Experience
Excel Pivot Tables (MAS to SQL automated)
3 years of Invoice Line level detail (millions of records)
Long Term Trends - with full Drill Down analysis
Past Trends - What Happened? - Why?
Present Activity - What is Happening? - Why?

SalesDet in Action
Excel PivotTable Tutorial Resources
Mr Excel
YouTube (lots of them)
Sample BI Solutions
Define the Question
"Who are our top 10 customers?"
What defines "top" - Sales, Gal, GM, %Growth
Over what timeframe - this Month, Qtr, Year
What else is important? Rep, Region, Business line?
What actions are you trying to support? This can help define the question.
Sample BI Question 1

"Is Bill spending enough time with his 10 most profitable customers?" If not - why not? And what are we doing about it.
People: Sales Mgr, Reps
Tools: Excel Query on Top 10 GM customers by rep - by month.
Process: Sales Mgr runs query each Monday morning and discusses the information in the weekly Sales Coaching meetings. Reps are required to report back on weekly activity with Top 10 customers.
Sample BI Question 2

Are our 10 most profitable Lube customers buying more or less this month compared to the average of the last 3 months? Why? What actions are we going to take as a result of knowing why?

People: Sales Mgr, Reps
Tools Excel Query on Top 10 Lube GM customers by rep for last 4 months.
Process: Sales Mgr runs query each week to discuss in Sales Coaching sessions. Reps meet with customers whose buying patterns are changing - and reports back to Sales Mgr for planning appropriate response to customer.
Before I invest my limited time into this - are we even on the right system?
Business Intelligence (done right) is a competitive weapon.
BI costs are coming down
Ease of use is improving
Adoption rates are on the rise
Modern Object Oriented Language
Modern "Three Tiered Architecture"
Completely Open Data Base
SOX and PCI Compliant
Designed for future Integration and Automation
Web Services
Cloud Services
Mobile Devices
Begin Quick Commercial
People who can analyze data and provide meaningful contributions to improving the organization are more valuable
Past Present Future
Why did it Happen?
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
DM2 has a Mountain of BI Technologies
BI Tools
BI People
BI Processes
End Commercial
ODBC - API - Web Services
Sage Alerts - Visual Integrator
Crystal Reports -
- CRM Dashboard
Sage Mas Intelligence - Business Insights Explorer
Business Insights Dashboard - Advanced Lookup Engine -
BI Solution
What's in BI Part 2?
What do you want it to be?
SQL Views
Performance to Plan Queries
CRM data with ERP data
Truck data with ERP data
More emphasis on BI Solutions (People Process)
More emphasis on properly defining a Business Problem
What are your top business questions - what do you want your system to answer for you?
What are the critical business areas where you want to make improvement?
Do you have something cool you want to share - you can be part of the show!
BI Part 2: send in Your Ideas!
Big Picture
Business Unit
Targets, KPIs, Exceptions
Process or Function
Speed & Accuracy
Strategic Tactical Operational
Threats & Opportunities
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Leading Indicators
Business Unit or Function
Lagging Indicators
Input Process Output
CRM Pipeline
Pattern Recognition
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Corrective Action
Part 1 Basics
1. DM2 MAS 4.3 or higher
2. SQL Install
CRM, SQL Express
3. Excel: 2010 is best.
2003, 2007 works
4. Configure ODBC between:
SQL to Excel
How to Get SalesDet
Ideas for BI Part 2
Full transcript