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The True Colors of Romeo and Juliet

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Katelyn DeL

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of The True Colors of Romeo and Juliet

The True Colors of Romeo and Juliet
Romeo Montague: Orange
Romeo Montague is the son of Lady and Lord Montague. Romeo is very passionate and falls in love easily. Orange represents Romeo because he is a risk taker, he is bold in relationships, and is a dynamic animated communicator.
Romeo: Bold in Relationships
Romeo acts very bold in relationships, one of the traits that falls under the color orange. On the night that Romeo met Juliet, he climbed up her balcony and confessed his deep love for her. Note that they only met a few hours before he did this and most people would no say such a thing to someone they recently met. This was a very bold thing for Romeo to say.
Romeo: Risk Taker
The Montague and Capulet families have been going at it for years. Since Romeo was deeply in love with Juliet, he took the risk of marrying her even though he knew that neither of the families would approve.
Romeo: Dynamic Animated Communicator
Romeo is represented as a dynamic animated communicator. Romeo believed that his heart was set on Juliet's so he decided that marriage would be the best thing for them.
Romeo: Quote
The quote that showed Romeo's true color, orange, is found in act 2, scene 3, lines 57-64, page 1075. The quote states, "Then plainly know my hearts dear love is set on fair daughter of rich Capulet... But I pray this, that thou consent to marry us today!" In this quote, Romeo is expressing his love for Juliet and is going to take the risk of marrying a Capulet.
Juliet Capulet: Gold/Blue
Juliet Capulet has both the colors gold and blue to represent her logical personality. Juliet values rules, makes and keeps commitments, and often makes decisions based on her feelings.
Juliet Capulet: Value Rules (Gold)
Juliet values rules, a trait listed under the color gold. When Romeo was banned from Verona after killing Tybalt, Juliet was very upset but respected that rule. One night, Romeo slept in Juliet's bed with her. When it came to morning, Juliet let Romeo leave instead of making him stay like she wished
Juliet: Makes and Keeps Commitments
After Juliet and Romeo secretly got married, her parents wanted her to marry Count Paris. Juliet refused and would do anything to get out of the marriage since she was already married. Juliet made a commitment that she kept.
Juliet: Makes decisions based on feelings
Often, Juliet made decisions based on her feelings. When Romeo wanted to marry Juliet, she felt deeply in love with him and believed that marrying Romeo would be the best thing she could possibly do. If Juliet was not in love with Romeo she would not marry him.
Juliet: Quote
The quote that best describes the reason why the colors gold and blue represents Juliet's personality is found in act 4, scene 3, page 1122. Juliet says, "Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee." In this quote, Juliet is drinking the potion that Friar Laurence made for her that would put her in a deep sleep fro 42 hours, making her look dead to her family so she wouldn't have to marry Paris and could run off with Romeo. Juliet did not know if the potion would work correctly, she risked her life by drinking it. Also, she wouldn't have done this if she didn't love Romeo
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