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Human Rights 506

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights 506

Human Rights 506
Sajal Sakoor

Article 18, Freedom of thought, conscience and religion:
You have the right to your own thoughts and to believe
in any religion. You are free to practice your religion or
beliefs and also to change them.

Article 18
In my opinion I think that article eighteen is true. I feel whatever religion you are you should be able to do it freely without being teased or bullied. I think you should be able to walk your block or walk outside without being called a name. I think that people should think about kids because growing up, you don’t want to think about when you were little and remember being teased and bullied just because of your religion. If your playing a game online and your called a name or in school you are being bullied. Did you know that when you go to airport there’s a box, and that box is for when you have a religion and want to pray without being bothered.
What Article Eighteen Means to me
(3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.
Article 26

In my opinion you have the rights to pick what school, college, or job you go to. For example, I want to go to a baking school. I want to be a baking teacher and teach kids all about baking. I also want to be a cake decorator, or a teacher in a school. What I’m trying to say is you can be whatever you want and no one should be able to tell you have to be a doctor. My parents always told me you can be whatever you want. This is my opinion on this article and my reasons.
What Article Twenty-six Means to me
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