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This is a presentation about Ligers

Steven Yang

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Ligers

Introduction for Ligers Website-
http://www.lairweb.org.nz/tiger/ligers.html and http://a-z-animals.com/animals/liger/

Book-The mammals Encylopedia

Magazine-The liger Magazine References Kingdom:Animalia
Scientific Name:Panthera Leo X Pantehra Tigris
Common Name:Liger The Liger Classification
Predator and Threats When the liger grow up
they far exceeds the height of their parents. The Ligers characteristics is more like a lions than a tigers. Liger Classification and
Evolution Ligers are being pushed into
smaller parts of their natural
habitat. Lions are found in
African grasslands or there are
few remaining Asiatic Lions found
in India. The Liger's habitat would normally be near the tiger's habitat but some of them are caged. Liger Distribution and
Habitat Ligers also have ear spots and Facial Ruffs.The Ligers are usually big and strong.They also tend to have dark yellow or sandy fur. Liger cubs fur are normally white when they are born. Male Ligers have no mane while the female Ligers have a lion's mane. Appearance: Liger cubs have darker
spots which helps provide them with extra camouflage. Most times when Ligers are born they normally don't survive more than a week because of the two different genes fused together. Despite the Fact that their parents are very ferocious they are very calm and gentle. Ligers seem to love water and they seem to have inherited this from the tiger since lion's don't like water. Liger Reproduction
and Life Cycles This is the Ligers Mane Dark Yellow Mane Ear Spots This is a baby Liger As you can see
the Liger' size
far exceeded the
tiger. Ligers normally eat an average
of 9.07185 kg of meat per
day. Ligers have strong teeth, big
jaws to help them catch
and eat their prey. Liger Predators and
Threats Ligers are
breed in zoos
in order for them to make money. Liger Predator and Prey
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