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Target Audience Survey and Interview results

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lauren mcphail

on 4 November 2016

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Transcript of Target Audience Survey and Interview results

I'm going to use intense music in the opening of my film as it is most suited to the crime genre as it helps to build up an atmosphere of tension and suspense which creates a mood in the film opening which communicates to the audience better.
If i'm using the woods for my location then I will use a gun for my prop which was voted as the most likely prop to be seen in a crime film. Then, if i use an urban area for my location then i will use drugs for a drug deal as i feel that would be more relatable to my target audience.
The protagonist
Target Audience
Majority of the 30 respondents to my survey were Female and between the age 16-20. From this I'm considering to use a female actress for my main role as that would appeal to my target audience as majority of them are female. I would consider my female role to be aged between 16-20 as that would be most relatable to my target audience.
Target Audience Survey and Interview results
Futhermore, my survey results are quite reliable as my audience most commonly watch movies sometimes or often, therefore, they are most likely to know what type of conventions are expected to be part of a crime film.
If i'm choosing the woods as my location then I will use a woman for the protagonist for a murder in the woods possibly. But if my location is set in an urban environment for a drug deal then i will most likely use a male as my protagonist.
Genre of film
My chosen genre that i am focusing on is crime, however, my target audiences preferred genre of film is romantic comedy, therefore, i may consider trying to add a comical or romantic feature to make my film more appealing to the audience. Also, this may help appeal to both genders of my target audience.
The costume for the protagonist I would dress in casual, rugged clothing as they will be playing my victim doing the crime. Then I would also have other characters dressed in suits as detectives to show the importance of their role and to show a vast contrast between the victim and the detectives.
There will be two main locations that i will use. Firstly, I will use a secluded area like in the woods or urban area where the crime will be taken place. Then the next location will be set in town in offices or the police station for the detectives offices.
Also my audience most frequently watch 15 rated movies, therefore, the results from my survey are quite reliable as they reflect the age of my target audience.
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