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selling hollister to elderly people

No description

David Christopherson

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of selling hollister to elderly people

David Christopherson
Trenton Amundson

Selling little big planet and god of war to X-box
Why we would sell little big planet and god of war to X-box.
It's only sold to playstation players.
Many people like to play them.
You can make more money.
Increase the amount of users of the games.
Why this would work.
This would work because it would increase sales.
Increase the amount o money being made.
Give X-box players a chance to play more games.
if both X-box and Playstation work together they could advance further with their games.
Advertising we would use.
Internet Ads
Xbox/Playstation Market
Press Conferences
News Articles
we will sell each game for $59.99
the reason is thats the price of an average game.

target market
the target market is teens an young adults aged 14-25
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