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School Games SSN day

No description

Matt Coldrey

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of School Games SSN day

The School Games in Cheltenham
North Tewkesbury

What are the School Games?
The School Games are designed to build on the magic of London 2012 by providing competitive opportunities for school pupils to participate in. There are 4 levels of competition.
Level 1 of the School Games
My job as School Sports Co-ordinator will be to link with you to help train young leaders to help lead intra-school competition.
This will be made sustainable by working with the teachers themselves, giving the support and confidence needed to work independently within their own schools.
Inter-school competition through cluster festivals, network festivals and leagues
Sports Hall Athletics
The competitions we run with level 3 pathways
Hi5 Netball League
Quick Sticks Hockey League
Primary Tag Rugby
Mini Red Tennis
Quad Kids
Key Steps Gymnastics
Level 3 Competition
Level 2 winners feed into the level 3 competition held throughout the county at various venues
Other events
FeetFirst Dance Fest
Foundation and KS1 Multi-skills
Netball Tournament
Swimming Gala
Yr3 & 4 Rugby League
The mission...
Opportunities for all learner to thrive in a coherant and structured framework
Routes for talented athletes to progress and be recognised
A chance for pupils to perform in varying environments that accurately replicate national sporting structures
Supporting teachers to be able to bring the best out of their pupils, giving them the best opportunities to participate in and enjoy competitive sport
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