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Milton Hershey

No description

Clara Hess

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Milton Hershey

Presented by Clara Hess Milton Hershey Childhood Achievements Employment/Work Fun Facts born September 13, 1857 near Hockersville Pennsylvania
his parents had to work hard to get money
he had a rough childhood
at a young age he knew he had a sweet tooth for candy Hobbies/Interests he liked to be outside
he loved helping people
he built parks, houses for employes working for him, schools, and churches Education he didn't have very good education
went to six or seven schools before he was 14
created a good school for orphans who couldn't have good education even though he didn't have good education himself Family Henry and Fanny Hershey were his parents
they moved a lot when he was little
he was raised on strict Mennonite faith because both sides of his family were Mennonite
his great grand parents came from the german speaking part of Switzerland started Lancaster Caramel company and sold it for one million dollars
he built schools, parks, churches, recreational facilities and housing for his employes
during World War 2 he supplied the country's military with chocolate bars
transferred much of his wealth to the Hershey trust apprenticed as a master confectioner
founded one of the biggest chocolate making companies in the world
set up a candy shop in Philadelphia he never had any kids of his own so he helped other kids
early 1900's chocolate was highly priced for average people
he did not lay off and of his employees during the great depression
he built factory in Pennsylvania for fresh cow milk
Hershey's chocolate factory is the biggest producer of chocolate in the world
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