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A Formula for Success

By: Dante' Miles

Dante' Miles

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of A Formula for Success

As young African Americans look to overcome the stereotypes that years of oppression have placed upon them, it is important to find positive role models to inspire hope and confidence. One field where African Americans have struggled for equality is the medical profession. Often difficult childhoods, parental finances, and individual motivation inhibit these dreams from occurring. However, through the examination of biographies of African Americans in the medical field, a formula for success is developed.
Today's African American sitcoms only perpetuate negative stereotypes placed upon African Americans.
Director Spike Lee goes on record speaking against some of the stereotypical productions produced by Tyler Perry. Each stereotype degrades a person’s potential by erasing the individual qualities that one has to offer. Young African Americans can sometimes already have boundaries placed upon them in the workplace due to stereotypes. Television has imprinted in an employer’s mind the negative possibilities that this African American could potentially hold. The fact that they could be lazy and arrive at the workplace only to commit crimes against the organization could have been caused by all these perceptions seen on television and how sitcoms prey on stereotypes. Due to stereotypes, African Americans are often portrayed as poor, uneducated, jobless, lazy, dirty, criminals, with violent tendencies. These, as with any stereotype, are extremely unrealistic thoughts of the culture as a whole. The Physicans Dr. Ben Carson Overcame poverty, racism, and a violent temper to become a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Dr. Sampson Davis Dr. Davis is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician at St.
Michael's Medical Center, Raritan Bay Medical Center and Easton Hospital.
He is the Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department at Raritan
Bay Medical Center. He is the Vice President of Physician Recruitment for
Physician Practice Enhancement. He also works directly with the Violence
Prevention Institute of New Jersey focusing on gang violence and
preventative medicine. Dr. Rameck Hunt Hunt is the medical director at St. Peter's University Hospital's How Lane Adult Family Health Center. The three friends also established a nonprofit organization, the Three Doctors Foundation, which provides scholarships to inner-city youth. Dr. George Jenkins Today, Dr. Jenkins proudly serves as Assistant Professor of the Clinical Dentistry Section of Adult Dentistry at Columbia University. Formula for Success 3 D's- Dedication, Determination, and Discipline, as the necessary ingredients to success.
Being motivated despite individual adversities.
Having a purpose and a drive.
A Formula for Success By: Dante' Miles
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