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The Lottery - Day 1

No description

Belinda Moreira

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of The Lottery - Day 1

The Lottery - Day 1
Read the first paragraph of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. What can you infer about the village and its people? What textual evidence supports your inferences?
Shirley Hardie Jackson (December 14, 1916 – August 8, 1965) was an American author. She was a popular writer in her time
Most famous for her short story, "The Lottery"
"The Lottery" caused major controversy when it was first published in the June 26, 1948 issue of The New Yorker.
Students will...
Make predictions about the story’s future events using prior knowledge and textual evidence related to setting to explain their reasoning.
Identify the setting of “The Lottery” and explain how the setting helps establish the story’s initial mood.

Setting is the physical location and time in which a story takes place. To identify setting, we must note the specific details the author provides concerning:
The story’s location.
The time in which the action takes place.
The social environment of the characters, including the manners, customs, and moral values that govern their society.
Mood is the feeling that a text
conveys to readers. Authors deliberately choose a setting and include specific details to conjure a certain reaction/feeling in their readers. Once I have identified
the story’s setting, I can identify the mood by asking :
What things, thoughts, or feelings do I typically associate these details with?
Ex. Beach, or haunted house
Given this, what mood is the author trying to create? Be sure to find details to support this.
By identifying the setting and the mood it conjures, we can make better predictions about what may happen in the text. To do this, I should ask myself:
What is the setting, and the mood it conjures, leading me to think might happen?
What do I need to be aware of as I continue reading?
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